Adnaan Bhaiji, Xc360

Building a brand identity goes beyond having some marketing strategies and goals. To thrive in today’s ultra-competitive business world, enterprises need much more than that. Specifically, they need customer-centric organizational cultures that not only identify customers’ needs and concerns but also respond in real-time.

Every organization that has built a large customer base has a customer-centric culture that puts customers first over any other factors. And XC360, a leading managed IT support service provider, is the right example in this regard. The company’s rise to prominence as a global managed IT support service provider is largely due to its customer-centricity and its unique set of IT solutions.

Recognized as a leader in the U.K, XC360 has been providing IT services for business and tech support for more than 20 years. With its mission to provide trusted, client-focused, technology solutions, the company has been growing immensely over the past two decades, serving its customers and addressing their pressing IT challenges.

Humble Beginnings

Founded in 2000 as Xara Computers (UK) Ltd, the company started as a PC manufacturer and reseller. With time, the company evolved under the leadership of Adnaan Bhaiji, CEO of XC360, who had ambitious goals and dreams. Adnaan Bhaiji, CEO as well as the IT director of XC360, had always kept an eye on ongoing trends and the challenges faced by customers when transitioning into a digital workspace.

Determined to help customers and make a mark in the industry, Adnaan Bhaiji, along with his teammates, became an early adopter of managed IT support services in the U.K, at a time when there was so much value in managed services over traditional IT support.

Later in 2008, the company started providing hosted cloud solutions for its clients even before the cloud became a big thing in the industry. Subsequently, the company developed a highly secure, bespoke cloud platform for its clients in 2013, and has been providing it with its managed IT services to its clients ever since. And that was a tipping point for the team at XC360.

Thereafter, there was no turning back for XC360. The company went on establishing its footprint across the globe and rebranded as XC360. As the name implies, XC360 provides a 360-degree approach to technology and offers a full suite of IT solutions that solve customers’ challenges and help them focus on their strategic business endeavors.

Originally hailing from Mombasa Kenya, Adnaan Bhaiji always had a vision for opening an office in Kenya and that was achieved with its office in Moscow, Russia. And today, XC360 has become a brand that global customers associate with comprehensive IT solutions.

Long-lasting customer relationships

Throughout the years, the company has built strategic relationships with customers across the globe. Unlike other companies that adopt a reactive approach to IT security and support, XC360 has a proactive approach that ensures IT support and client satisfaction throughout the process and beyond.

To this end, the company utilizes a lot of built-in free tools and policies available in Windows server systems to prevent issues occurring. In addition to all, the company guides its customers in every step of the way throughout the process, documenting every key part of the exercise. “It is surprising how many organizations we see in Kenya who does not even utilize 10 percent of what Windows offers out of the box and free-of-charge. When the Wanna Cry outbreak happened none of our clients got affected. For that matter we have not had any of our clients infected with Ransomware since 2012,” affirms Adnaan Bhaiji.

X360’s approach to clients has always been different. When a client reports a problem, the company listens to the problem, understands the situation, and finds the right solution for its customers. If needed, the company even speaks to the software vendor, talk tech with them, and gets the problem resolved for the client while keeping them informed of the progress throughout the lifetime of the call.

Though the company is recognized for its full-suite of IT solutions, what really differentiates XC360 from other service providers is IT security and IT support services. Not to mention its ability to understand customer’s problems and empower them with the right solutions that help them focus on their business.

In one instance, Umoja Rubber Products Ltd, a manufacturing company in Kenya, approached XC360 for its IT security assessment services. As it was an IT security assessment project, the team at XC360 produced a detailed report stating all the issues that they had confronted and classed them based on critical, urgent, and recommended. Elated with the timeliness of the deliveries, Umoja Rubber Products Ltd awarded the full remediation project. X360, in no time, resolved all the problems and made them network business-ready for functioning seamlessly.

Again impressed with the professionalism and the determination of XC360, Umoja Rubber Products Ltd further awarded them their fiber implementation which included the provision of fiber and ethernet cabling to all their 25 buildings and factories. “The fiber project was awarded to us over the incumbent provider mainly for one reason: The solution presented by XC360 allowed Umoja Rubber Products for Future expansion, redundancy, and be ready for the next 10 years at least,” explains Adnaan Bhaiji. As the project was implemented and delivered ahead of the schedule, XC360 became the partner for Umoja Rubber Products for all their future expansion plans.

In another instance, when a client lost over two years’ worth data, with the partnerships XC360 forged through its UK office, XC360 could send the disk for recovery and recover 98 percent of data. And the testimonial of the client is still close to the heart of the team at XC360. It reads, “Problems occur all the time, it is how the problems are handled and I am pleased to say that XC360 handled our problem flawlessly.”

As with this, there are many instances in XC360’s twenty-year-long journey, where the company has helped its client run their businesses successfully without hindrances. “We are one of the very few companies who can say that 20 plus years down the line we have still retained our first client and that is because of the trust we have built over the years,” states Adnaan Bhaiji. By delivering constant value over and over again and adapting to the culture of people XC360 deals with, the company has carved a niche in the global market as a promising managed IT, service provider.

Marching Towards a Brighter Future

As IT becomes an incredible part of businesses and security risks surge, XC360 is becoming a go-to partner for its world-class services. Going forward, XC360 intends to launch a dedicated platform for Kenya shortly and open new offices in Mombasa, Nakuru, and Kisumu in 2020/21. “Mombasa was about to open in March 2020, however, because of Covid-19 plans have been postponed to later this year. We are also looking to open new offices in Uganda (Kampala), Rwanda (Kigali), and Tanzania soon,” concludes Adnaan Bhaiji.

With an exceptional team and remarkable services, XC360 is marching toward a brighter future in Africa, setting precedent for others to follow.