Royal 4 Systems
Jess Noguera, President and Ceo, Royal 4 Systems

A retail product’s journey, from manufacture to the customer, is labour-intensive and time-consuming. This process is called supply chain management and is the backbone of the retail industry. But when businesses take up responsibility to deliver thousands of such products to customers every day, the challenge is greatly intensified. This is where certain tools such as Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) software, Warehouse Management software(WMS) and 3PL (third-party logistics) software, become useful.

But retailers face too many options today – innumerable software are available but only a few may prove effective. Using the right software can greatly improve business performance while the wrong one may be a hindrance. So, how can retailers make the right choice? According to the seasoned provider of industry-leading software for supply chain operations, Royal 4 Systems, there are four key characteristics of the most effective software. One, it must be easy-to-use. Two, it must offer many useful functions. Three, it must provide varied management abilities with attention-to-detail. And fourth, it must be scalable and compatible with other software.

Over the past 36 years, Royal 4 has been catering to retailers from several sectors including cannabis, food, beverage, automobiles, governments and more. It was established in 1984 in Long Beach, California with a vision to support retail businesses through special software. As it served hundreds of clients across six continents, it gained a practical understanding of what works, and what does not. Their software has critically supported countless clients’ supply chain operations, helping them thrive in an unpredictable business environment.

A Critical Advantage for Your Supply Chain Operations

Today, the Cannabis business is booming. For retailers, choosing the right software can make the difference between success and failure.“Royal 4 understands that you do not have time for short-term fixes and partial solutions. You need to invest in a solution that is proven, functional and fully integrated. We provide proven solution based on 36 years of expertise serving industries such as logistics, manufacturing, food and beverage,” Jess Noguera says, the president and CEO of the company.

Over time, Royal 4 has been fine-tuning software specially for cannabis, introducing vital elements such as traceability, lot tracking, regulatory compliance, customer relationship management, ERP, finance and analytics. Its software can support the unique manufacturing workflow processes of diverse organizations and can automate key processes. In turn, these organizations gain more command over the entire business, secure finances, monitor grow operations, chart key performance indicators, stay compliant, and more. “We also provide no-cost logistics assessment to prioritize your immediate needs, help minimize costs and identify future requirements so that you can ‘start small and grow big’,” Jess adds.

Royal 4’s warehouse management application suite (WISE) is the core of its supply chain solutions, amongst several more. A few of them radio-frequency identification,ERP software, 3PL software, shipping software and integration services specially crafted to modernize supply chain management, among so many more. Its software is highly configurable, easy-to-use, scalable, rules based as well as platform and hardware independent. So, clients can easily deploy the software, either on-premises or on-the-cloud, and seamlessly add users, production sites, warehouses, products or more to make progress.

Guiding Clients towards Operational Excellence

Over the decades, Royal 4 has been empowering diverse organizations through time-tested software, measurably improving their performance and ability to achieve goals. Its clientele includes prominent organizations such as Mitsubishi Motors, UK Mail, Proco Products, Cherry Republic, Wholesale Frozen Foods and many more. But, how exactly has the company been consistently building such positive relationships with customers?

“Royal 4 meets customer expectations with superior functionality, a concise and thorough implementation process and after-the-sale support that is timely and aligned with their project deadlines. We exceed customer expectations by delivering more productivity by eliminating redundant manual processes, providing minimal training time and improving the accuracy of inventory, receiving, put away and shipping,” Jess explains. For Royal 4,one of the highest priorities is steering clients towards operational excellence through consistent customer support services.

“WISE enabled us to automate our unique manufacturing and workflow process. This will help us reduce 20% of the time it takes to run the whole business. Royal 4 engineers were efficient and knowledgeable. We looked at several other software programs but we ultimately chose the Royal 4 System and I recommend WISE to anyone looking to integrate cannabis software to run their business,” Bruce Bernstein says, the CEO of UBIX Processing, an emerging developer and supplier of diverse cannabis products. Similarly, there are several more prominent clients who have been benefitting immensely from Royal 4.

Nurturing Holistic Success

Royal 4 prevails as one of the most reliable partners for the cannabis industry today. In serving countless clients, it has been growing immensely as well. It is also actively realizing a bright future by investing in better software development, customer services as well as more ethical and responsible business activities. Allowing employees to develop skills supported by a family-style company culture, is also a key goal. And overall, it wants to maintain its growth rate and foster newer markets in the USA, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Australia and the Netherlands

“We have incorporated a 21 Step Project Implementation Process (‘Saggio’) to ensure that all our projects are completed on time, within scope and budget. We will continue our policy of providing one major version release of our software per year. We will successfully execute our complete product modernization strategy over the next 3 years and incorporate the completed modernized modules as part of our ongoing new version annual releases,” Jess sums it up.