Emma Marshall

Emma Marshall is a native of Manhattan, New York City and has been working with INC. Outlook since 2015. She graduated from New York University with a degree in journalism. She is a great singer and was a lead in a Rock band in high school. Although she loves singing, due to her childhood in a military house, Emma dedicated her time to writing and made it her passion.

As a New Yorker, she has a huge space in her heart for dogs. She lives with two golden retrievers (Angel and Matt) in her apartment. When she’s not reading or writing stories, Emma is probably seen singing, binge-watching trending TV shows.

Jennifer Watson

As a senior writer at in the INC. Outlook magazine, Jennifer is responsible for developing informative and engaging content for magazine and website. Before joining Inc outlook as a content writer, Jennifer worked in the field of sociology. She is passionate about bringing in social change through effective writing and building positive communities. Her insatiable curiosity and enthusiasm for learning help her to bring life into any writing. Jennifer is a graduate in sociology from Columbia University. She plans to continue this endeavor of bringing positive change to society in the future through her writing.

Maria Rodriguez

There was neither glint of hope nor menace in the night’s silver calmness descends on Maria, absolutely no trappings of a life-changing moment. It just happened. And it is hard to believe that it’s almost 10 years since she crossed the positions of “Senior Language Editor” and “Senior Copy Editor”, signing up for the mission “Content Writing”.

Her moonlight brush with this new thing called “Content Writing” was on a regular job. To firmly rooted rather than scratching the surface, she chose to be a part of INC. Outlook. As she is common to most career crossovers, even content writing tossed in its own restless wind. Her very first reaction was one of fear and doubt – that learning the ropes might be an intimidating exercise. Fortunately, the training and mentoring at INC. Outlook exposed her to the basics and nuances of the writing.

Swimming against the strongest currents in her career, currently, Maria is working as a Senior Writer in INC. Outlook.

Sara Williams

Sara Williams is a Senior Writer in the magazine, INC. Outlook. She stays in California, U.S. She completed her graduation in English Literature from the University of California. Also, she got the degree of Post Graduation Diploma in Journalism from the same University.

Sara started her career as a writer from PR WEEK. There, she worked for one and a half years. Later, because of her creative skills, knowledge, and experience, she got the opportunity to work with INC. Outlook. Currently, Sara is responsible for generating technology-based content for the website, writing editorials, doing deep research on the facts and figures and many more.

As a passionate and enthusiastic writer, Sara aims to explore more in the writing field. She plans to constantly work on her skills and improve regularly. Also, she aims to deliver her best towards the progress of the company.