Harnessing your inner Motivation

Harnessing your inner Motivation

Tutorials, self-help guides, books, speeches, talks- content on how to remain motivated is abundant. Most people still grapple with remaining motivated. Some are suffering from chronic demotivation while others are struggling with retaining motivation after the initial phase of any given task. Staying positive and motivated in the complex modern world is far from simple and difficult to achieve. This is also the case because there is no one path to motivation, a holy grail to follow. Different things motivate different people, and the key lies in finding what is it that keeps you going and retains your optimism.

The problem of motivation has heightened during the pandemic. Keeping your spirits high has been especially challenging during this time with disturbing news flooding from all corners of the world. Work from home has made even the most exciting aspects of our job boring and monotonous. 

Here are a few questions, the answers to which can help you find your own unique mix of tricks to keep a healthy and motivated mind. Who knows, maybe your greatest untapped potential is your own motivation? Find it and climb the ladder higher than you had ever fathomed.

Understand your goals: Setting goals work differently for different people. Some of us like to have the full picture in mind before we start, and need the long-term goals clear in our head before we feel motivated to start something. Others get overwhelmed with long-term plans and it’s easier for them to manage and achieve smaller goals that ultimately lead to a big project. Figure out which of these categories you belong to. You don’t necessarily need to be in either of the boxes, and can lie somewhere in between too. But it’s always better to know the kind of goals you need to set that you can easily achieve, as the feeling of progress or completion are the biggest motivators. People mostly get demotivated when they feel stuck and feel like they are not progressing. 

Reward yourself: Positive reinforcement is a proven means of setting correct behavioural patterns and setting positive habits. It is important to reward yourself after the completion of any big or small task, as it gives a sense of achievement, and the incentive to work more. You deserve that vacation, that trip to the parlour, that shopping spree, that dish from the fancy restaurant, or even a weekend long binging on Netflix. Whatever works for you, bring it on!

The importance of challenge: Challenges push us beyond our comfort zones and essentially help us grow, as well as our skillsets. Taking up new challenging task, one that stands out from the usual work you have been doing can act as a great motivator. The rush of adrenaline, the excitement of doing something new and the feeling of achievement on successfully completing can boost your confidence and a newfound love for your job. You can also set challenges in terms of speed, quality and quantity at your existing work and give yourself that much-needed adrenaline rush!

Acknowledge progress: It is very easy to lose motivation when we reach the middle of doing something. Motivation is usually high towards the beginning and the end of a task, but in the middle most people tend to slump. It is therefore important to track and acknowledge progress throughout the process to keep oneself motivated. Creating divisions in your work, setting small track records and maintain a list of tasks where you can come back to cross off a task that you completed can do wonders to your motivation!

The buck stops at discipline: If you give the points stated above a second read, you’d come to realise that most efforts have to do with discipline, directly or indirectly. Lack of routine and discipline in one’s life can contribute majorly to not completing tasks on time, lagging at work and consequently the loss of motivation. Bring order to your life, take little steps, make time for everything and though it will take effort at the start, soon you’ll find yourself ties to your routine effortlessly. This can alter your productivity and motivation to a great extent.

A healthy mind and a healthy lifestyle are all you need to be at the top of your game. Get out of that vicious cycle of procrastination today and say no to completing tasks at the eleventh hour.

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