The Futuristic World of Nicola Tesla


Tesla has been creating and covering major headlines since its inception in 2003, but really lured the attention over the last couple of years. While its cutting-edge technology and consistent ground-breaking innovations have been the major reason behind Tesla’s popularity, a lot of it also has to owe to the comments and opinions of Elon Musk, the co-founder, CEO and largest stakeholder of Tesla. 

Torchbearers of sustainability:

Tesla was founded with one vision and mission: to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. Started in 2003 by a group of engineers who could see the woes of a world running on fossil fuels, they wanted to provide the world with sustainable electric cars where people do not have to compromise with the functionality of the car. It was a common belief back in the day that electric cars though a green option, cannot provide in terms of power and performance to cars running on petrol or diesel. Tesla changed this perception completely.

Furthermore, the strive for sustainability goes beyond the omission of fossil fuels. They work constantly towards improving the product and reducing waste at every step of the process- from production to recycling of discarded ones. A journey that started with the aim of producing zero-waste cars, has now ventured into providing sustainable and reliable alternatives to electricity for homes/offices/businesses: solar roof and solar panels. The company takes pride in enabling their customers to reduce their carbon footprints.

Their products:

Their belief in quality over quantity is evident from the limited amounts of products they offer. At the present, they are marketing four cars along with solar roofs and solar panels. These products are the best in their category and bring to the consumer a technology that they couldn’t imagine seeing so compactly designed into one product. The first car they came out with was Tesla roadster in 2005, merely two years after inception. The roadster was discontinued in the year 2009 and currently Tesla offers model s, model 3, model x and model y.

model s In 2012, Tesla launched the model s luxury sedan. It offers top speed of 200 miles per hour and 1020 horsepower at its best. It has a 17-inch cinematic display to be used for various purposes including gaming, sustainable air-conditioning, integrated storage and wireless charging. The car has front and side impact protection and very low possibility of rollover making it one of the safest cars to drive and to be driven in. The car is designed to assist the driver in every possible way and has autopilot to steer, accelerate and brake making driving a pleasurable and non-stressful experience. 

model 3  Designed and built for optimal safety, model 3 has a rigid structure with impact protection and very low risks of rollover. Its roof crush test the car could withstand four times its own weight, equivalent to two full-grown elephants. It offers a highest speed of 163 miles per hour and quickest acceleration. It is a fully electric car with dual motor for durability and traction control and its superfast recharging allows for 175 miles of recharge within 15 minutes. 

model x  An all-electric SUV, model x was launched in September, 2015. It is a seven-seater car that opens upwards (falcon wings) instead of sidewards, with a 17-inch cinematic display and a panoramic windshield. It features an in-car gaming that can be controlled wirelessly from any seat and similar features of autopilot, fast charging and acceleration as model 3.

model y A five-seater SUV, model y hit the roads in 2020. It offers a very innovative seating in which each seat folds flat to provide flexible storage for luggage and has on optional third row of seating. It seems to bring together the best features of model 3 and model x together with dual motor and safety. The glass roof provides a seamless experience of the sky. 

solar roof The solar roof by tesla brings together sustainability, high durability roofing and efficient system of powering one’s house. The solar tiles are three-times more durable as compared to the normal ones and provide an elegant finish to the house as well. With remote monitoring, it allows energy monitoring for the house from anywhere. The technology has the facility of a Powerwall, a compact battery that stores the energy from the solar panels. Inverter power comes in two ranges- 3.8kW and 7.6kW and claims 97.5% efficiency.

solar panel While solar roof can only be used as a replacement for the conventional roofs, Tesla also offers solar panels for existing roofs. They also come with Powerwalls for storage, 24*7 monitoring and easy installation.

Tesla values:

Tesla was conceptualised and brought out keeping one value at the core- sustainability. Their aim lies in addressing the eminent threat of climate change by building a sustainable ecosystem. They believe that CO2 emissions play the greatest role in accelerating climate change. Therefore, we can only tackle climate change by reducing CO2 emissions. The world’s over reliance on fossil fuels and the energy produced through exploiting crude oil is the first and the longest battle in that direction. Their statistics suggest that pollution form fossil fuel leads to 8 million premature deaths per year globally. 

Tesla wanted to revolutionise the energy generation and consumption by bringing about sustainable alternatives.

The challenge of affordability:

A major challenge for Tesla in realising their aim of global sustainable ecosystem is affordability. They provide a cutting-edge technology build with sustainable practices, leading to extremely expensive products. For reducing carbon generation globally, a majority of the population would need to switch to sustainable alternatives. However, majority of the people cannot afford these products. The ongoing and long-term goals of the company are towards making products more accessible and affordable.

The future:

With the awareness around sustainable living on the rise and the threats of climate change already knocking at our doors, Tesla is sure to be one of the few leading us into the future. Coming up with new, more affordable, technology and products, consulting firms and governments on sustainable production and recycling or tapping into other non-exhaustible natural resources, Tesla is hopefully going to expand widely. They already have around 25,000 superchargers for their electric cars around the world and are growing at the rate of six locations per week. At such a speed, we are looking at a future domination by Tesla in many important sectors.

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