Empathy: The Key to Increasing The Productivity Of A Business

Increase Productivity in Business

The productivity and stability of businesses are a topic with growing popularity; this is due to the reality that the business world has experienced since last year: crisis closed businesses and an increasingly competitive environment. With this as a precedent, it is not surprising that productivity is no longer seen only as actions that seek to control, modernize and automate processes. Today, business owners recognize that for a company to have profitable results they need to create clear strategies, have efficient communication, and above all, demonstrate empathy with their collaborators. 

According to data from the latest Staff base report, profitability in a company can increase up to 30%, if there is good communication and decent treatment is given to the work team.

The directive indicated that there are 4 keys to increase productivity in work teams, and therefore achieve better results:

Show empathy: Everybody loves to feel respected and understood, right? Well, this is no different in a work team. Being empathetic and human with employees will allow them to develop in a friendlier environment, which will help them to improve their results, express their ideas and show initiatives that can be of great help to the company. It is proven that 73% of employees are committed and give better results if they feel part of a common purpose (INC, 2020).

Make their work easier: Increasing the productivity of a company requires several factors: updated processes, clear and simple procedures, the necessary tools to perform, and yes, be in trend with what the market dictates. These elements will not only allow a better understanding of what is done on a day-to-day basis but will also help increase speed and permeate the workload.

Develop your talent: A company obtains up to 24% more profitability when training its employees (HR Magazine). Keeping teams motivated and prepared for new challenges not only helps the company but will allow teams to grow personally and professionally, as well as reminding them that they are an essential part of the company.

Welcome communication:  Learning to communicate and listen empathically allows leaders to better connect with their teams, achieving two-way talks that promote strategy, active listening, action plans, and agreement with the company’s goals. The role of good communication is vital for everyone in the company to follow and fight for a common goal.

If you want your business to grow, you need to give your brand a human meaning: Make your company be perceived as empathetic, strategic, and above all real. And, you will only achieve this if you care about the well-being of your collaborators.

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