Tips for selling on the internet in 2021

Online Selling Tips

Today selling on the internet continues as one of the rising trends for the year. But, more than ever, it is important to keep an eye on everything that consumers expect from e-commerce in the coming months. Throughout 2020, millions of people made their debut in online shopping. And even those who were more than used to filling virtual carts were encouraged to rethink consumption habits. 

In 2021, the virtual store must meet the expectations of these two groups. To start, internet shopping needs to be simpler and more intuitive than ever before for this new audience to include e-commerce, in their daily lives, once and for all. In addition, creating a connection with the customers of the online store and guaranteeing a positive consumer experience at each stage of the purchase is what will guarantee the public’s loyalty. 

Fortunately, it is already possible to foresee some trends that will help keep your online store up to date on these two work fronts!

Customer focus

This is the first lesson for those who want to sell on the internet in 2021. All online store actions must consider the consumer’s shopping experience. To start, the customer must know how to complete the purchase on the website in an easy, clear, and fast way, from the search for the products to the payment and choice of delivery. But the work does not end there. It is important that contact between customers and salespeople is also efficient and, preferably, diversified. To do this, open different communication channels and make sure to offer a high level of service in all of them. In other words, ensure that the consumer has an easy time making contact with the store, whether to answer questions, solve problems or even finalize purchases.

Interactive content helps to sell over the internet

 The trend is that the shopping experience in virtual stores is increasingly closer to physical stores. For example, clothing and footwear stores that use virtual reality for customers to “try out” their models. Some businesses also bet on Virtual Calculators that offer products and kits according to the informed budget. Interactive quizzes are also an interesting alternative. Tenants can create a series of questions and answers to offer products according to the needs and interests of the customer. Even well-known strategies can undergo adaptations, such as videos, which are broadcast live with sales consultants and QR Codes to take the consumer directly to the purchase of the advertised products.

Offer the options your audience is looking for

You can already see that the competition in e-commerce is great, isn’t it? So, if a consumer does not find the most suitable alternatives for him in his online store, he will buy elsewhere. This goes for accepted forms of payment, delivery alternatives, availability of service channels, exchange, and product return policies. Yes, customers are demanding. It is up to the shopkeeper to meet expectations. 

Therefore, include many options of payment methods, such as credit or debit card, bank slip, and, of course, the PIX, which promises to be the new darling of the market. The same goes for deliveries. Making different shipping options available on e-commerce, with different time and value alternatives, allows the public to choose the most convenient alternative for them.

Mobile optimization

Sites can even be built and programmed on desktop computers. But more and more, navigation is done on smartphones. So it is super important that the online store is responsive to mobile. That is, allow the customer to find the products and finalize the purchase quickly and simply when accessing the website by cell phone. To give you an idea, according to a survey by Statista, by 2023 about 73% of purchases will be made through mobile devices. You can’t miss this portion of the audience, right?

SEO remains high in e-commerce

The SEO remains firm and strong in internet sales in 2021! A good job of website optimization is still one of the best ways to attract the public to your online store. So, keep an eye on the interests and habits of the consumers you want to reach, work on the keywords, anticipate your doubts and become an authority in your niche. 

Without forgetting, pay attention to the technical adjustments that help in positioning on search engines, such as fast page loading.

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