Tips to stay productive while working remotely

Tips to stay productive while working remotely

Working from home is something we all have dreamed of once.You don’t have to get up early to commute to work, you don’t need to sit through boring team meeting, and most of all, being able to work while wearing pajamas all day long is like a dream come true.  You don’t have to get up early and get ready for work being able to do your work at your own time while wearing pajamas all day long. And, with the sudden outbreak of the Covid-19, the work from home sounds like a dream comes true.

While, all these sounds incredible, still work from home comes with its own set of disadvantages. How can you stay focused when your cute pet is rubbing up against you? Or how can you stay productive when your neighbors are coming frequently to your home? Well, there are no magic formulas to be more productive while working from home, but here are some techniques that can help you to stay focus at your work.a

Set up a home office that oozes productivity

Wouldn't it be amazing to have a home office with doors that imitate wood, a large table neat and tidy, everything in its place? Well, calm down, if you do not have this privilege; it’s still possible to create a home office space in your home that emanates productive triggers! First of all: As we know, the house is an environment that refers to rest. Therefore, the first tip to be more productive in the home office is to separate a corner for your work purpose. This way, you educate your brain that, when you're in that area, it's time to work. Hence, no sitting on the couch, or in bed, with the computer on your lap, as these environments are not for work. If you have a desk in your home, it's even better! But if not, pack your things on the dining room table. Sit down and start work!

 Second tip: try to stay out of passable areas. Find a quiet corner in your home, where you will not disturb anyone nor will you be disturbed. A good recommendation is to try to keep everything you need at your fingertips. So you don't have to get up all the time, and this will help you stay focused. Try to maintain good posture, improvise a footrest, and keep your computer screen at a level that won't give you neck problems. Little things can increase your comfort level and allow you to stay focused.

Set a start and end time

This one may sound silly, but believe me, it is essential! Respecting your work schedule is necessary to make your workflow smooth. I was one of those who started working at any time and ended at any time because I had the “freedom” to be at home and work. And, by the end of the day, I will be sitting with “no-work done. So, whoever goes there is wrong. Not to mention that the likelihood of you rolling around, and postponing tasks is much higher because a belief is created in your head that you can do that at any time. And, when you go to see, the day is over, and you ended up doing nothing. So be sure to set a start time and another time to end. Thus, it is essential to respect these two times. Of course, everyone has their routine and preferences, but whatever is your office hours, try to comply, ok?

Do your best to prohibit external distractions

Work from home requires dealing with many distractions such as noise, television, the internet, cell phones, among other things. So, the question arises here is how to focus? For instance, I need my cell phone many times to work, so what I do is leave it in airplane mode till I finish my work. Then, I put it in normal mode. Again, when I have to start another task, I go back to airplane mode, until I finish it. Another option is to put on headphones (with music or without music) to isolate yourself from the world and get to work. And, some people also prefer the Pomodoro Method, which consists of managing your time at 25-minute intervals. The technique was developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. No matter how you choose to organize yourself, the important thing is to understand what helps you to focus better and make it a habit.

Communicate more

Now more than ever, it is essential to communicate everything with our colleagues to make sure that the information is not lost. We need to communicate with our colleagues, set up regular updates and feedback meetings, and provide constant reports to those who need them. If you are the director of your company, you should communicate to your team what your expectations are and what will be the easiest way for them to communicate their updates to the rest. It establishes a smooth workflow and specifies the unique priorities that are essential during remote working.

Wrapping Up

Working remotely can be traumatic if you don't divide your space and time well. This means that you must differentiate between your way of working and your routines at home. These limits will help you enjoy both your teleworking and your free time.

Being productive also means that you need to know how to manage your stress. You should be aware of the situation and make time for your meals, stay active indoors, drink enough water, and take breaks. These tips are essential to staying productive in the long run.

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