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Marketing strategies to adopt during and after Covid-19 pandemic

What marketing strategies to adapt during and after COVID-19

Many Businesses are cutting off the marketing costs thinking that role of marketing is limited during these tough times. But, some businesses have another way of looking at it. They think businesses that are not engaging with their customers during this pandemic will fail to maintain the brand loyalty once things come back to normal. 

And to continue engaging with their customers, they are implementing various strategies ranging from changing the logo to providing a live online workshop or online self-study courses. Since allowing yourself to sit idle for a long affects your brand loyalty and brand name, you should also consider these marketing strategies that can help you stay strong during and after covid-19.

Be virtually present - If you have not yet established your internet presence, it is the right time to do it. Due to social isolation, people are at home now. They are not only consuming more content on the internet, but their routine has also changed. Their way of interacting with brands and buying products and services has also changed.

Given the current scenario, a company that was traditionally reliant on physical spaces and people are now considering bringing business online to stay connected with the customers. For instance, the restaurants that were not using the food delivery apps have started using them. And, they even started to invest in Google ads to appear in the searches of food seekers without leaving home. Moreover, companies, through a Facebook Page and business account for free, can also establish a digital presence and seamlessly share relevant information with their customers at this unprecedented time.

Invest in content marketing - You all might have heard that one of the best marketing actions is to feed your audience with relevant content. However, many entrepreneurs claim that they do not have time for this, or they have to wait long for the results. But, during this pandemic situation, it is the best thing you can do to survive your business. For example, if you deal with fitness products, then how will you encourage people to consume your products, when the gyms are closed! Well, content marketing is the solution then. You can produce content about workouts at home, the importance of wearing the right clothes while exercising, and much more. When you make your customers understand the need, you will be a priority for them. Never forget: you sell a solution, not a product. 

Become more social - It means using a simpler network to generate more sales. If you don't have the money to invest in an e-commerce structure, start selling through Whatsapp: that you use daily. With the Business version, you can have a transmission list, tag contacts, check metrics, and much more to do. You can transform the messaging app into your sales vehicle and close deals at a distance in a very simple way. Besides, you can stay in touch with your customers, as there is no set date for this dire crisis. Even after the crisis, you can continue using WhatsApp and generate personalized audiences for yourself. 

Make yourself visible to your target audience - At this point you should invest in the visibility of your brand, making it easy for your audience to find you during this pandemic situation. Thus, you can try to dedicate a page on the website or create a newsletter to publish news about the crisis. Also, how are you planning to run your business throughout this epidemic? This may include information on how you are following the precautionary rules. And, also communicate information about the crisis and your business via social media. Remember to respond proactively to customer comments, questions, and complaints. This will guarantee you a long-term success. 

Closing Thoughts

 As an entrepreneur, it is difficult not to get frustrated when you see trades closing and sales forecasts are falling. However, do not disrespect the social isolation; this can even generate a negative image for your business. You need to think long-term and revise sales strategies for the post-pandemic. Make promotions to encourage your audience during this uncertainty. This is the time to focus on management and understand where you can cut costs. Invest in training, study your market segment, understand how Facebook Ads creation works, and be ready to meet the demand that will come when this crisis is over. Lastly, stay positive, this too shall pass!

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