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How to stay positive during a global crisis?

How to stay positive during a global crisis

With all the negative news about death tolls and confirmed Covoid-19 cases, it would be easy to give in to the fear and anxiety that is building up around us. You may feel that there is no choice left besides worrying about the unforeseen future and well-being of our loved ones. You may even trade-off your rational perceptive for wallowing in negative emotional space for too long. And sometimes, you may feel stuck in it.

It is normal to feel some sort of fear and anxiety during a global crisis like this. However, it is your responsibility to make sure that you are not wallowing in that negative emotional space for too long. Indeed, you have to take precautions advised by the government and acknowledge the situation the world is in. But you don’t need to feed your brain with all the negative news from dawn to bedtime and feel vulnerable at the end of the day. Instead, you can use this time to work on the person you want to be while helping your community during this crisis.

There are many ways to stay positive amid covoid-19 crisis. First of all, you can accept the things as they are and ask rational questions like: How Covoid-19 is affecting my life? What are the precautions I have to take to ensure the well-being of my family? What small steps I can take during this time of lockdown that would help me achieve my long-term goals? How can I help my community business that has been hit by lockdown?

Asking these questions and taking a practical approach would help you keep worries at bay and focus on the more productive and positive stuff.

Productivity equals positivity

This isn’t always right. Productivity doesn’t equate to positivity; however, in the context, we are talking about productivity has a crucial role in making you feel positive. For instance, if you are being a couch potato all day consuming negative news, you know how you would be feeling through the day. Instead, if you are working on things that matter to you and your family while practicing social distancing and contributing what you can for helping small businesses, you will not only feel positive but also energetic and alive. 

You will start feeling that you are not limited and in no time will find yourself exploring possibilities of staying at home. Also, maintaining meaningful connections with your closed ones and sharing with them your day to day activities will make you feel better too. Your productive activities can inspire them to start taking actions at home.

Another thing that you have to keep an eye on is media. You should not go overboard on consuming news and also should set a time frame for watching the news. Because, every time you look for news updates, your cortisol will go up making you feel stressed. As a replacement, you can dedicate the time you spent on consuming news to reading books. Reading can be a good habit that you will be grateful for even after the lockdown ends.

And finally, practice gratitude for everything you have from your family to health and everything in between Also, your mental-well being has a lot to do with your physical activity. So, start exercising at least for twenty minutes a day and eat a well-balanced diet. Exercise and a well-balanced diet can not only improve your immune system but also can set the tone for the day. And when you feel positive and healthy, you will be able to rise to any challenge that comes your way.

Remember, we were resilient enough to endure unforeseen disrupters like 9/11 and the 2008 financial meltdown. Together, we will get through this too.

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