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Coworking Space – Here Are Some of Its Startling Benefits


Today, I will take you through a small tale. And that’s of Harry. Harry was a freelance writer. He used to perform all his work from home with full comfort and flexibility. He was very much dedicated and hard-working. He never missed any deadline. Also, never let his clients down. 

After a few days or months, Harry thought to take a jump in his career. He decided to start his own business where he could create real human contacts, meet his clients, and perform tasks - looked a little more professional. 

Harry required a workspace where he could do all these. But here is the hitch. Harry didn’t have enough money to pay for a dedicated office space. And he could not work in his local coffee shop as it was too noisy to attend calls and concentrate on complicated parts of work. 

Then someone told Harry about Coworking Space. He became super excited and immediately agreed to get a coworking space for his new business. But, what are its benefits that attracted Harry so much that he instantly decided to adopt this idea? Here we will see.

Benefits of coworking space

  • Flexible in nature

As the name suggests, coworking space means a shared office space. It pulls remote workers, small business owners and staff, and freelancers in a shared work environment to work individually or collaboratively. Each coworking space is different. Some have different layouts; some have open offices with lines of desks and breakout areas; some have enclosed setups for meetings and conferences. 

But one common thing is its flexibility. Coworking space gives you the flexibility to book your desk or reserve rooms for meetings and conferences. As your business grows, it gives you the option to scale up shared office space – it can fit one person, a team of three to four members, or even a company of fifteen. 

  • Low Cost

Usual office spaces for your startup need a long- term financial commitment. But coworking spaces don't. These offer you a fully equipped area at a much cheaper rate. 

For example, if you plan to open your office in the Manhattan area of New York, then you have to pay a minimum amount of $1,000 per month as rent. Also, you have to sign a contract for at least six months. But if you go for a coworking space in the same area it is much cheaper - for a shared desk, it's just $25 per day and for a reserved desk it is $ 400 per month. 

  • A strong network

When you work in a coworking space, you meet a varied group of people – work in different industries, do businesses in different countries, or cities. Some of them are very much ambitious and knowledgeable too. This helps you to build a strong network and diversify your ideas. You can also get a pool of talents such as remote workers, freelancers, etc. who can join you in your work. Moreover, you may find potential clients, partners, or collaborators. 

  • Enhances productivity and encourages creativity

A well-equipped coworking space is very important for the success of your business. It enhances your employees’ productivity and encourages their creativity. It offers an appealing work environment with tons of perks and benefits that are not even available in traditional offices. Furthermore, it improves your well-being and motivates your staff, which ultimately leads to heighten productivity.

Concluding lines

These are some of the key benefits of coworking space, which forced Harry to go for it without giving a second thought. Today, Harry is successfully running his business in a coworking space and even planning to expand in the future.

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