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how to earn money using computer


For many of you, working behind your computer screen while enjoying the comfort of your home is like a sweet dream. But in recent years, with the availability of the internet earning money at home has become quite fashionable in reality. 

Currently, many people are able to earn money from their home, using their computer. If you are wondering how to earn money, the answer lies in the many financial possibilities that the internet offers. Making ends meet on the web is easy if you know how to apply the proven formulas. So, if you are not yet making money with your computer, we are going to share some business ideas that will help you to start your online business.

Affiliate Sales – It is the best way to easily earn some money on the internet, and it is relatively easy. There are many companies which produce a particular product, but find it difficult to approach the public to sell it to them. Using an affiliate seller, who will be paid not by the month but by the commission, is the solution found by these companies in order to distribute their products while optimizing costs. 

To become an affiliate seller of such a company, you can create a website, as long as the sale is made online. To sell the product, it is your responsibility to make use of your website, on which you will put a link that allows you to make the purchase. You promote it to your audience, and if they are interested and buy the product via your site, the company concerned will compensate you as a percentage. Depending on the type of products you sell and the company, the percentage you touch may be more or less. This can range from 10% to up to half the value of the product, or even more. The more visitors you have to your site, the more it can be profitable for you, but it is also necessary that the product in question is in line with the interests of your audience.

Create your own blog – If you like writing and have a great passion for a specific topic, then your thing is to create a blog and build a business around it. The objective of this business model is to build a segmented audience to later monetize it by selling products related to the topic you have chosen.

To start your blog the best way to do it is using WordPress as a content manager, a platform that will greatly facilitate the process of creating and managing your blog.

Google’s Adsense network – If the Google site is free, it makes up for it by being one of the most lucrative advertising providers in the world. Its famous AdSense network generates significant amounts of money on a daily basis, and it is also possible for individuals to earn a lot of money via this network. There are many sites, blogs, YouTube channels and many other places on the net that offers to host advertisements.

If a person decides to sign up for Adsense, it means that they will allow Google to place advertisements on their website. However, these are not just any advertisements, and the ads are chosen to match the content on your site. This is what makes AdSense so successful, and the advertisements offered generally succeed in attracting many visitors. It’s in your best interest to see this happen on your site because if you sign up for AdSense, you’ll be paid every time a visitor clicks one of the ads on your site. You can touch between 0.5 euros to 5 euros, depending on the type of ads. This is a great way to make more money, even with a site that was not created for it. You can set up a blog just for this purpose.

Launch an e-commerce site – There are more and more sites specializing in the sale of products online, and the reason is that people who are aware of their profitability are constantly growing. The steps take to create and manage an e-commerce site are within the reach of the first comer, thanks to sites like WooCommerce which allow you to create beautiful sites that are easy to use. If you want to create an e-commerce website, first you need to ask yourself what you want to sell on the internet.

This is the most difficult part because you have to need to ensure that the product you are going to offer will sell well, otherwise you will just make misfortunes. It is best to look for product ideas in areas that are not foreign to you. However, there are various products whose popularity remains at a reasonably high threshold, such as clothing items.

Once you have decided on what to sell, you need to create the site and promote it on social networks. This second part has become a necessity these days because on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you can stay in almost permanent contact with your audience. 

Online Consulting – If you have extensive experience or knowledge in a specific area, you can offer your services as a coach or constant online. In this business model, it is important that you define precisely your price per hour of advice and that you are perfectly clear on how you can help your clients.

We recommend you to build your own website and include your services, profile, and testimonials from clients whom you have already helped with your advice. Your clients will pay you for helping them achieve their goals faster and more effectively.


A home job especially gives you the freedom to work anytime and anywhere with very little material means a computer and an internet connection. There are more than dozens of ways to make money from home. This list is far from exhaustive but is a starting point to help you get started. So get started!

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