Influence of Artificial Intelligence in Machine Learning, Data Science, and Embedded Systems


Most of us probably link the concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with walking robots and talking computers due to the influence of watching science fiction movies. But, that is not really the case. AI is all about building intelligent systems with decision-making abilities. AI is already proliferating in our lives. AI executes tasks intelligently (tasks are done as we humans do) and thus helps to produce greater accuracy, performance, and overall system productivity. Because machines don't get tired of working and since they don't have emotions in them, they (machines) are not affected by any of those feelings or emotions, and thus the machine's intelligence output is much higher. This article discusses three fields, namely Machine Learning, Data Science, and Embedded Systems, that are involved in AI systems. The companies are now trying to make use of these three fields in order to serve their consumers in a much better way.

  • Machine Learning

It is an AI framework that gives the AI system the ability to automatically learn from the environment and uses the learning to make better decisions. Every day Machine Learning (ML) generates buzz with some new products introduced by a company using ML techniques and algorithms to support the user in a highly productive way. ML allows companies and individuals to perform tasks that can benefit them from a given dataset to identify, categorize and predict the data. ML models are made by complex math level skills which are then coded in a language in order to build the entire system.

  • Data Science

We are all aware of the fact that data grow and develop at an unprecedented rate and it is very important to coordinate and understand these data. Data Science involves various fields such as Science, Mathematics, and Programming. Data Science helps you manage and analyze your data and create meaning for the data you have. All of this is possible by applying data analytics to the data and then making a context that the end user can understand.

  • Embedded Systems

Have you noticed the smart home lighting systems can get automatically turn ON and OFF based on the availability of anyone in the house? This is not magic. This is how AI has evolved with embedded systems. Based on the input from the sensor, the microcontroller decides whether to turn on the light or not. Not only that, advancements in embedded technology will help build imaging devices with higher processing power and smaller footprints. 


We are already at a point where AI in its very basic form has found its way into the heart of the aforementioned fields. This is not the end of the story. The growth in AI is beyond imagination. Almost everything is possible with the help of AI—from classifying your business records to predicting the future outcomes. To put in a nutshell, technology has gone to the next level with the help of AI.

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