Why Instagram is the Best Social Media Platform for Advertising?


If you are an entrepreneur and you want to advertise your business on a social media platform, which networking site will you choose first? Most probably, your priority goes to either Facebook or LinkedIn. Sometimes, Twitter too. For some strange reasons, sometimes intentionally or unintentionally, you ignore Instagram since you are uncertain about the ROI from it. 

And, this is where your first failure happens. You lose the best platform to advertise or promote your brand because of the unawareness. 

Now, it is time for you to realize the fact that today is not the day to ignore Instagram. Recent studies report that the total number of monthly active Instagram users has crossed 1 billion in 2019. That means Instagram is the breakout star than its parent company Facebook.

So, let’s discuss why Instagram is considered as the best social media platform for advertisement. 

  • High Engagement Rate

Instagram claims the most engaged number of users among all social media platforms today. Studies reveal that ad recall from Instagram is three times higher than other popular social media sites. Instagram visitors approximately spend one-hundred ninety-two (192) seconds or more on the platform, which is higher than that of time spent on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. From this statistic, we can undoubtedly say that Instagram provides a higher engagement rate than other social networking sites.

  • Constant Evolvement  

One of the aspects that make Instagram unique among other social media platforms is its constant upgrading. It often presents features such as new campaign objectives, photo filters, story stickers, and many more. This rapid evolvement in features helps marketers to better engage with their audience. And, these features make the platform more beloved to its users as well as it brings new users onboard all the time. All of these characters finally make Instagram the best platform for testing innovative marketing and advertising ideas. 

  • Mobile-Friendly Nature 

Instagram holds the highest percentage among other popular social media platforms when it comes to the mobile audience. You can make use of its mobile-friendly nature as much as possible since the vast majority of users depend on mobile phones to access their social handles. Because of this concern, Instagram is obliged to provide an ad experience that doesn’t disappoint those who use smartphones and tablets, and Instagram does so. This is the way how Instagram’s mobile-friendly nature helps advertising.

  • Reach with the Targeted Audience 

We always have the notion that only Facebook has the ability to reach a certain ad to the right people. However, Instagram overpowers Facebook in this regard in reality. Among the most popular social networking sites, Instagram is more capable of meeting the specific audience as their ads are always targeted. 

In other words, if you are planning to spend money on a certain advertisement or if you want to promote your product, you have to make sure that your targeted audience is seeing it. Instagram is the best platform that helps you to accomplish this goal. Its algorithm enables your ads to be in your targeted audience’s feed. 

Wrapping it Up

Utilizing social media platforms to promote your business is the best choice that you can opt for nowadays. Among that, Instagram holds the leading role as it delivers unique and advanced features to help marketers.

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