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Four Smart Home Trends to Watch In 2020

Four Smart Home Trends to Watch In 2020

With the rapid upsurge in technology, the concept of the smart home is no longer limited to the uber-wealthy population. Now, the average homeowners have also started to embrace the new emerging technology to transform their home into a “smart home”. 

According to S&P Market Intelligence, 12.5 percent of the total U.S population have a “smart” home. The number is expected to increase more. It has been predicted that by 2021, the number of smart homes will reach up to 28 percent — which will be an amazing achievement.

So, how the future of smart homes will look like? What features will it include? In this article, we will discuss all these thoroughly. 

Here is the list of four top smart home trends that will bring comfort, convenience, and add quality in people’s life.

  • An intelligent and robust security system

Though 2019 was an incredible year for the smart home security system, 2020 will be more promising. The advanced potential of Artificial Intelligence will provide a more robust and smart security system. Also, the rapid usage of high-tech digital door locks, smart sensor cameras, motion sensors, and smart video doorbells, will enable automation to start right from the front door. 

  • Multifunctional switches and displays

With the increasing advancement in technology, now, it’s time to say goodbye to annoying switches and displays. In the year 2020, smart switches and displays are going to make waves in the smart home automation and IoT industry. They have endless possibilities— from live video streaming to personalized room scenes. 

While its touch panels monitor the energy consumption of a building or entire home, its voice-control feature automates the whole connected system with one voice command. Furthermore, the artificial intelligence and auto-learning capabilities on these smart switches and displays provide a more secure and personalized home to homeowners, depending on their requirements. 

  • Smart lighting solution

Nothing is better than the natural sunlight to start a refreshing morning. But, what if your room is lack of sunlight? No need to worry now. With the adaption of smart light, you can fulfill this requirement because smart light can adjust as per our pattern and circadian rhythm of the body to make our morning perfect. Its automated lighting solution functions as per the changing needs of the different times of the day, weather, and climate. For example, cool blue is perfect for a tough morning and a warmer light is best for evening relaxation. 

  • Voice control is the ultimate benefit

Imagine, you reach home, after spending a hectic and tiring day in the office you order Alexa to switch on the fan just by relaxing on the couch. How comforting it is! Smart home technologies provide this kind of voice control which can bring exciting possibilities to robotize every aspect of smart home automation.

Bottom Line

Predicting the future 100 percent is undoubtedly not possible. But as per the current trends and user demands, we can assume that smart homes will be ubiquitous very soon. And, everyone will have the opportunity to add comfort, convenience, and quality in their lives.

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