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Why Podcasting is a Great Way to Boost Your Business ?

Why Podcasting is a Great Way to Boost Your Business

Brandon Turner, a real estate investor and Co-host of the BiggerPockets Podcast begins his article like this:

“Years ago, my CEO Josh Dorkin and I started a simple podcast to teach people about real estate investing. Starting with just a few hundred listeners per week, this free interview-style show has grown to an average of 45,000 weekly downloads. In total, the show has been downloaded more than 4.8 million times, and it's growing exponentially every month.”

Brandon’s note is the best illustration and clear proof that reveals about the acceptance gained and retained by the podcasting over the years. Podcasts are all the rage right now, and nearly half of the population of the U.S says that they are listening to a podcast.

Though it is one of the best ways to boost business productivity, the vast majority of entrepreneurs don’t think about to create one for their firm. The reason behind this ignorance is most of them don’t know about how a podcast can influence a business and its customers.

  • Expand Your Audience 

Podcasting is the easiest way to reach millions of people, even if your business is localized in a single area. It is because of the reason that people can access a podcast from several sources. And, they discover new businesses according to that. 

Studies report that website traffic can double right away after the business starts a podcast campaign. Despite your podcast isn’t reached millennium, don’t worry; you will continuously receive a lot of traffic after that.

  • Build Robust Customer Relationship 

According to Max Weber, a marketer at Assignment Help and Academized, “even though podcasting is a one-sided medium, the listener will still create impressions of the people hosting the podcast. This builds a relationship between the customers and the business.”

In other words, podcasting is a good way to build closer relationships with your audience and potential clients. Though your audience can’t see your face or your gestures, they can relate their mind with your podcast and thus form a close relationship with you. 

  • It is Better Than a Video 

Most of the time, marketers produce videos to reach the targeted audience. However, it isn’t always possible for small businesses due to the high cost. Also, there may happen several issues while shooting certain videos. Besides, if people don’t like videography or editing, they will blame it, and your business will get hurt.

This is where podcasting steps into the picture. It is much simpler to produce, and it needs less initial investments.

  • Help to Gain Reputation 

If you are on the initial stage to build up a business, you need to project yourself as an expert in the field. A podcast can help you on this account by enabling you to talk about your product or service as you are an expert on the topic. This makes people believe in you and your organization. Also, you can bring in other experts in the field so that it will build the credibility of your company. 

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