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How to multitask effectively at work ?

How to multitask effectively at work

Have you ever found yourself replying to your superior’s mail while talking to an important client over the phone? Or, did you notice you were framing the ideas for the upcoming project while sitting in the conference room and attending the annual meeting?

If you find you are practicing all these things at work, it’s the time to realize that you are a multitasker. You perform multitasking in your nine-hour desk job voluntarily or involuntarily. 

However, you can’t be good at multitasking all the time, even though you think you are. There will be certain occasions where you will fail to manage multiple tasks simultaneously. Also, it will guide you to get the black mark on your employee performance at work. 

How we can multitask effectively in the workplace? Here are some simple ways. 

  • Make Plans

Sudeshna Datta, co-founder of Absolutdata Analytics once remarked, “Have a plan in mind and set goals. Pick tasks that can genuinely be worked on at the same time, because not all tasks are compatible with each other.”

That being said, if you are an efficient employee, you should always have a calculation in mind that what you have to do immediately after one task. If you work task by task, e.g. finishing one thing and then looking to find something else to achieve, you are going to waste your precious time. It could also be that one task can be completed in tandem with another and could even overlap.

  • Stay Focused

Concentration is one of the most important factors in multitasking. Don’t lose your focus on multiple things that demand your attention at work. Stay focused on each matter without losing its track. 

For this to accomplish, make sure that you are eliminating all the distractions around you. Distractions can be detrimental even when you are working on the simplest of tasks. Thus, when you try to juggle multiple projects at once, they could spell disaster.

  • Use Available Tools 

In this era of internet and technology, you avail a lot of apps, software, and tools to make your job easy and fast. Some working tools also provide advanced options that help you stay unique and best in performance. If you truly want to perform multitasking efficiently, try to find out which are the best tools available in the market. And, start using those at work. 

  • Evaluate Yourself

Every day, you should make sure that you are not leaving the workplace without assessing the whole day’s work status. Normally, it is better to evaluate your work progress at the end of the day. Allocate a few minutes to take self-review about the works that you submitted. Evaluate if it is satisfactory or not for you. Based on that review, try to make changes with your multi-tasking work performance from the next day.  

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