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How to improve the relationship between managers and employees?

relationship between managers and employees

The conflict between managers and employees is not something new. This conflict between managers and employees is not only reflected in poor attitudes and morale, it can have a detrimental effect on the efficiency and profits of a company. Poor relationship between managers and employees affect the entire productivity of the company.

Here are the best practices for improving the relationship between managers and employees:

  • Building good communication skills

Just because you have invested a huge sum of money in your business, it does not mean that you can easily stay ahead of the curve. Without cultivating good communication with your employees, you cannot achieve success. All workers should understand that there is no competition in work performance. It is all about getting together to fulfill a common goal—that is, to meet the clients’ requirements.  In order to achieve proper understanding, communication between the two parties is must. Building good communication among employees can be achieved through many activities, such as seminars, one-to-one interaction, group interaction, one-day outing, one-day luncheon, workshops, training programs, and many more.

The undeniable reality is that employees need a break. Yes. The employees see these opportunities as a good chance to take a break from the daily grind. 

  • Ask for feedback

If someone asks you, “Are you a likeable leader?” Of course, you will say ‘yes’. Here lies the big problem. One should not lose the plot. The stark reality is that most people imagine that they are more likeable than they actually are. Although there are many backroom deals in the business, when it comes to leadership quality, it wholly depends on the perception of your employees. Even though you have many specific tasks to do every day, you always make sure that you do not lose sight of the big picture. 

A research study says, “There is a strong correlation between a leader’s likeability and the extent to which they ask for and take action on feedback from others.” 

Only through feedback you can understand their impact that they have on you. It is nothing wrong to ask others for feedback on your progress. Don’t try any game plan. Don’t cut corners. You cannot cut corners to form a good opinion about yourself in employees’ mind. You can do this only through your behavior. If you have a good rapport with your employees, you can easily go through the roof, and your company will always be in the black.

  • Don’t delay in solving conflicts

While addressing conflict with your employees, don’t be quick to judge. At the same time, you should try to solve the conflicts as early as possible. You should not be Monday morning quarterback. If you delay, the conflict will go around in circles, and the molehill problem will become like a mountain-size problem.


As discussed earlier, keeping the lines of communication open is the first step in improving the relationship with your employees. By using the above-mentioned suggestions, you can make your workplace a friendlier and more productive environment for everyone.

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