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Tips to Have a Happy and Healthy Weekend

Tips to Have a Happy and Healthy Weekend

“Yes, the long wait is over. The weekend is here, finally.”

For many of us running on a 9-to 6-work treadmill, Friday is the saving grace in a week. Because the weekend is the only time to relax, unwind, and explore ourselves from the long hectic working days. People live for the weekend not only to enjoy their 48 hours of off-work, but they long to go free from a pressurized office culture.  

However, most of the time, weekends never end up as planned. We stay out later and allow ourselves to sleep (without a blaring alarm), indulge in some pizza and beer on Friday night, and loosen the reins on your exercise routine. All these results in nothing but an ineffective weekend. 

Here are some simple tips to have a happy and healthy weekend. 

  • Establish Some Weekend Routines

One of the significant factors that spoil our weekend is lack of routine. Of course, there will be weekends where we can’t follow the usual standards. In that circumstance, come up with certain routines and add structure to your weekend. 

A few ideas: plan to join a fitness class every Saturday morning, have family dinner and movie night on Saturday and clean the whole house on Sunday.

  • Spend Time on Reading 

Reading is one of the best ways that can make your weekend more beneficial. Try to read novels, short stories, blog posts, or any other writing that matches your taste. Before reading, make sure that you have kept your smartphone in some other room. Once the reading starts, try to pay your maximum attention to the content and characters. This process can make you more satisfied, and you won’t feel any regret about the time spend.

  • Limit your alcohol 

Many people conceive alcohol as the best way to relax and socialize at the weekend. Saying cheers to someone occasionally is completely fine. But, taking alcohol each weekend is of course not a healthy habit. We should find some other ways to relax and decompress ourselves on weekends. We can practice exercise, meet old friends, take a shower bath, or schedule for a body massage.

  • Eat Home Cooked Meals

It is true that we are eating outside foods in most of the working days. Thus, the weekend is the only time when we can have home-cooked and healthy meals. 

A weekend starts with a healthy breakfast can boost your metabolism, and it helps to set the foundation for how the rest of the day will play out. 

Some healthy weekend meals recipe to try is; almond butter stuffed French toast, caramelized onion, and red pepper frittata and apple cinnamon baked steel-cut oatmeal.

  • Set Plans for the Week Ahead 

Before heading to bed on Sunday night, develop a brief plan about the coming week. Positively foresee the week ahead and set an intention to enjoy and appreciate your everyday life. 

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