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Why you should appreciate your team?

Why you should appreciate your team

“The most fundamental psychological need is to be appreciated,” says William James.

Everyone wants to be appreciated for their work. Praising those who have done an extraordinary job actually reveals a lot about you. You should never hesitate to appreciate your team or colleagues.

  • Team player

You are the boss. Of course, you are running the show. It is justified to take the full credit for yourself as you hold the ownership for all business transactions. However, regardless of all these facts, when you credit a co-worker for a job well done, it shows that you have a good understanding that your team is an important asset in the organization. It is a good indication that you're not only a good boss but also an effective team player.

  • Ego aside

Where there are people, there will be ego clashes. As a leader, you have to listen to the suggestions of your team, encourage them, and foster open discussions to resolve issues to create a more productive environment for your team, yourself and your business to grow.  If you are genuinely being happy for your coworkers’ achievements, it reflects that you do not have an ego. 

Keep the following truth in your mind: Just because someone is doing well, it does not mean you are doing badly in comparison. When you appreciate a person’s talent, it shows that you have the capability to measure their potential. After recognizing it, you can work on molding it for better performance of the whole unit.  When you are complimenting your colleague, it shows that you are not threatened by their success and you understand that everyone comes with their own skillset, which may be different from yours. 

Simple ways to show your appreciation for your team:

There are simple ways to show your appreciation for your teams, which are given as follows:

  • Say ‘thank you’ in every circumstance. It shows that you have a feeling of thankfulness and appreciation. 
  • You can write a note to a team member stating the reason that why you are appreciating him or her.
  • Allow your team to present their work to your boss. Then your boss will understand the good qualities of your leadership.
  • Let your team members choose their project to work on. If you do that, they can put their heart and soul into it.
  • Take your team to lunch to show your appreciation.


It is not exactly you can follow the above-mentioned ways to demonstrate your appreciation. You can find your own ways that sound natural and comfortable for you to show your appreciation. Look for opportunities to acknowledge your team’s hard work and positive progress. After all, appreciation is no cost.

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