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Latest Content Marketing Trends — Difficult to Ignore

Latest Content Marketing Trends

A decade ago, content marketing was just a buzzword. But now, with rapid technological advancement and increasing customers’ demands, content marketing has become an integral part of marketing strategies. While it’s the best way to market your products and services, it’s a direct method to connect with your customers and give exposure to your company. 

But how?

Content marketing is the widest marketing approach. It includes several trends, attributes, facts, and figures — necessary for generating content. Knowing where to start is a challenging task.

 Hence, here are four latest content marketing trends that can help you to reach your audience and make a real impact on them through your content.

 Employ different types of contents

Though blogging is an effective type of content format, confining yourself to blogging is not a good option. You should always explore different types of content formats, which should be more interesting and intriguing for your audience. 

Nowadays, video marketing is in trend. Videos are more impactful, engaging, informative, and preserve 95 percent of a message than any other content formats. Video ads are everywhere — from Facebook to Instagram and from video testimonial websites to tutorial videos on YouTube. Video content or podcasts can hugely increase your traffic in search engines, help you to generate more leads, and gain extra SEO benefits. 

Hence, implementing video content marketing is the best way of content marketing.

  • Integrate Artificial Intelligence with content marketing

We already know how AI is transforming the entire world. From business operations to customer satisfaction, AI is advancing each aspect. Content marketing is no exception to this rule.

Today, marketers have become quite advanced. They are encompassing AI-powered tools in content marketing methods to gather and interpret huge volumes of data within seconds. This will help them to know better about their customers’ shopping behavior, preferences, interests, and many other factors. Also, these enable them to create personalized content and build a better content marketing strategy.

So, if you want to bring your customers closer to you and grow in the market, staying at the forefront of cutting-edge technology like AI is always preferable.

  • Optimize your content for voice search 

According to the latest 2019 voice search statistics, half of all online searches will turn into voice searches by 2020. Missing this opportunity may lead to a major loss in your business. Hence, it’s high time for you to optimize your content for voice searches. 

Voice searches provide audiences quick answers to their queries and are also user-friendly. This will attract more people, specifically, who use voice to perform searches in search engines. 

To implement this trend, you have to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly because most of the population use mobile devices for voice search.

  • Influencers always help

At first, you need to understand who are influencers? Influencers are those who can influence people and connect with them emotionally. They can easily engage people through various topics and brands and ultimately convert them into trustworthy followers. 

Hence, establishing collaboration with influencers is a magic trick which enables you to speedily raise your brand awareness and grow in the market.  

Final Thoughts

Following these latest content marketing trends can help you to drive content strategy in the right direction. So, whether you are a startup or an established business, you should always stay at the forefront of these latest trends, which can help you to create a huge customer base and grow in the market.

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