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Digital Transformation Trends for 2020

Digital Transformation Trends for 2020

The thing more special about digital transformation trends is that sometimes they move like maple syrup, and other times they are like a skyrocket, moves in innovative and unexpected directions. Since we are unpredictable about its transformation, we enthusiastically look forward to seeing its influence in various industries. This is why we have to look forward to 2020. It is indubitably clear that we will witness exceptional digital transformation trends by the next year. 

That being said, in this article, let’s discuss several digital transformation trends for 2020. 


5G will certainly be the biggest highlight for 2020. It will not be just a phone impacted by fifth-generation internet technology, but a drastic transformation in various industries. 5G promises an increase in the advanced development of the smart city, smart vehicles, smart manufacturing, and many IoT-intensive technologies. 

Regarding this, telecommunication providers enunciate that they have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of fifth-generation (5G) network technology. While Android handset makers have already introduced 5G phones in the market. 

Wi-Fi 6

Like 5G, Wi-Fi 6 also promises much faster internet processing and wireless connection speed in 2020. Wi-Fi 6 can create the perfect end-to-end combination of ultra-fast internet connectivity in office, school, and home. The real value of Wi-Fi 6 will be its ability to extend data to many more devices than Wi-Fi 5 is able to do now.  


It is commonly said that companies that won’t invest heavily in analytics in 2020 probably won’t be in business by 2021. Because, data collection is much essential to improve the service level and the customer experience in every business. Without data and digital transformation, organizations will remain uncompetitive in their service level and customer satisfaction. 

Also, it is noteworthy to say that the tech industry is very much aware of data analytics. The heavy hitter tech companies figure out the fact that the future is in data, especially its real-time processing. Thus, regardless of the industry you are working, try to explore data and analytics in 2020.   


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is not a new concept, but there will be huge RPA investments  in 2020. RPA is already used in enterprise companies like Cisco to help form wiggle room to upskill and supplement the value of their current staff. Models like this can quickly turn into a winning formula.

Wrapping it Up

While older, more mature foundational technologies will continue to find themselves at the center of most digital transformation initiatives, especially in the enterprise, I believe that these four specific trends will both dominate digital transformation discussions and inform the trajectory of successful digital transformation programs in 2020. 

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