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Focus on systems, not on goals

Focus on systems, not on goals

By reading the topic of the article, you may end up with a little confusion with many questions. What this article is all about? Why we should not focus on goals? Are goals completely useless?

Are goals useless?

The answer is ‘NO”. In fact, goals are good. Without goals, we cannot set a direction. At the same time, we should not sideline the systems. If goals are good, systems are best. Without systems, you cannot make progress. Have you ever thought that why many end up in failure as soon as they start a business or anything else for that matter? The reason is that they spend too much time thinking about their goals and not enough time designing their systems.

Adopt the systems-first mentality

This is a straightforward question: Do you think that doing hard work can make you reach the top position in the corporate world? In the present scenario, a majority of employees are discouraged by the idea that career success can be only achieved with hard work and a string of qualifications. Absolutely not.  Many of us believe that only hard work can take us to the top.

Another straightforward question: If all the employees who are working hard reach the top position, then who will work in the organization? This may strike a funny note. But this is the reality.

You still didn’t get it? 

The following example serves you in a better way to understand the ‘systems-first mentality’ concept:

You are a working hard in your career, delivering jobs on time with good quality, sitting and warming up your seat for more than 10 hours in a day. Naturally, you will, at some point, develop a desire and expecting a promotion and raise. Not only you. Almost everyone on this planet has the same goal what you have – to climb up the corporate ladder and bring a six- or seven-digit salary home. 

Of course, doing hard work in the office is necessary. But the hard work is not the only thing. You have to push in a lot of other variables. For example, imagine there is a higher position available in your company. And many are competing for the same position. People who compete for the higher position are not only in your department but also from other departments as well as other companies.

Do you think that you can easily push others behind you and win the competition? Do you think that because you are a senior in the company and you can easily get it? Do you think that you are eligible for the position because of the fact that you are sitting for more than 10 hours in the company?

Absolutely not! There lies the secret. Who knows what is being hidden in the secret chamber of your management’s decisions? There lie the twist and turn. 

Now you may ask. What is the point of working in the company anymore? Look. You cannot interfere with the management’s decision. The point is you have not understood how things are working out.

Now if you are still reading this article, you are at the right place.

What does the above illustration indicate? It apparently indicates the fact that the above-mentioned factor is external and you have absolutely no control over that. But the ironical thing is that still people seem to think that getting a promotion comes exclusively from hard work. 

Either young or old, not-qualified or overqualified, people keep on trying for the promotion. They innocently believe that their work ethics will save them and place them there in a higher position. What these people mean by work ethics is that they put their belief on the amount of hours they work in the office and the project they finish on time.  But the harsh reality is that the work ethics is just a small variable when considering promotions.


The next time you think about a goal, think of the system you will follow. If one wants to climb high on the corporate ladder and taste the fruit of success, he or she has to develop the proper system with regard to all factors in the company. Then they have to follow them faithfully. Then only they can achieve their dreams.

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