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How to Talk to Your Boss Effectively ?

How to Talk to Your Boss Effectively

A conversation with your boss mostly seems like an interview: You may not get enough time to convince the person with your ideas, and you are not supposed to ask so many direct questions to him/her. This ‘monologue’ happens especially when you are heading the boss with sensitive topics like work target, bonus, or salary increment. 

As employees, we should overcome our inefficiency while having face-to-face communication with the boss. We must confront and converse with our boss effectively and confidently.

Here are some simple tips for that; 

The Dos

  • Make Clarity with Your Words

The most important thing that you should always keep in mind is, the boss may be busy when you enter his/her cabin for a talk. Thus, instead of making a long conversation, try to state your issues briefly and clearly. You must make sure that you are not explaining any irrelevant information with the boss, and be confident with your words and body language. 

  • Understand Your Boss’s Communication Preference 

Every manager’s communication preference is different. Some of them keep their doors open, and never mind if they are interrupted for a quick chat. Others prefer a heads up by an IM chat or a calendar invite. Try to understand your boss belongs to which category and schedule the meeting according to that. Also, if you are making a discussion with your boss at his/her free time that would be more beneficial.  

  • Express Your Responsibility 

According to Teri Hockett, CEO of ‘What’s for Work’, “bosses want employees not only to agree with them but also be willing to speak up about the realities and challenges in the business that need to be addressed.”

Be the person who speaks with facts, confidence and reasonable suggestions that produce results. This builds your boss’s confidence in you. Also, the boss understands how responsible you are towards the success of the organization. 

The Don’ts

  • Avoid Correcting Your Boss in Front of others 

Everyone hates being corrected in front of others. This is more relevant in the case of managers. Imagine, you are the boss, and you are presenting a piece of important information in an annual meeting. How would it be if an employee stand up and correct you in front of others? You feel like you are humiliated. 

This is the same situation that happens when you correct your boss in public. Thus, try to avoid it.

  • Expose Your Weak Points

It is unethical to hide your mistakes and challenges in the workspace. If you have any weakness, and you face challenges from that, frankly communicate those with your boss. It is that person’s responsibility to understand and guide you in the proper way.

In addition, once you informed the boss regarding your weak points, you can tackle small issues before a big one arises.  

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