Most Successful Startups launched by students

At the age of 18! What were you doing? Chugging your first beer, getting your first dream tattoo, trying to fit into the world’s best university, or worrying about what to do next with your life? Well, this is how most of our teen- time looks like. However, there are some exceptional individuals who swam against the tide and made their vision into reality to become entrepreneurs even before crossing the age of 21.

It’s not that climbing the ladder of success was a cakewalk for them. Indeed, their success story is brimmed with their embarrassing first effort, a stumble, and a number of failures. But, what held them tight in their entrepreneurship journey is the ability to learn from mistakes, patience, and the willingness to overcome the challenges. In case, you have your goals ready but, bit scared and confused about how to start your journey. The only thing to follow is to get ready to face all the challenges that come in your way. Eventually, you will get courage and strength like these college students who founded startups at an early age.

So, if you are still puzzled whether you can make it up to success, here are some interesting successful startups by students to boost your motivation: 


Microsoft – Bill Gates and Paul Allen were still studying at Harvard University when they founded Microsoft in the year 1975. When they started the company the main motto was to create BASIC language software for the IBM Altair 8800 computer. At, that time, they worked on their homes in their own computers and had no idea that they would become billionaires and owners of the world's largest software developer. Today, the company has revenues of more than $ 93 billion and is worth $ 281 billion. Gates is on the list of the richest men in the world with a fortune of $ 79 billion. And, Allen already managed to accumulate $ 17.5 billion of net worth.


yahooYahoo – In January 1994, two Stanford University students, Jerry Yang and David Filo founded a website. This startup was the catalog of other websites. In April 1994, they renamed their startup into “Yahoo” and eventually, it became a success inside and outside Stanford. Two years after its founding, on April 12, 1996, the company began selling shares on the stock market with a market valuation of $ 848 million. Today, the company has revenues of $ 4 billion and is worth $ 34 billion in the market.



redditReddit – Reddit was founded in 2005 by two roommates from the University of Virginia, Steve Huffmann and Alexix Ohanian. The principle of Reddit is simple and has not yet changed since the creation of the platform. It is a community where registered users can post the proposed content to any internet pages they liked and each user can be upvoted or downvoted. In 14 years, the community has 174 million users and is worth $240 million today.



googleGoogle – The Company was founded on September 4, 1998, by two Stanford University doctoral students Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Today, Google is one of the most used search engines in the world. Another interesting fact about the duo is that before the creation of Google, Larry and Sergey had created another internet search engine called BackRub, which was for the university purpose only. Google was started as a Garage startup and it remained the same as the duos were facing hard times balancing between studies and the startup. Later, they wanted to sell Google in $1 million, but the buyer declined the offer. Page and Brin lowered the price to $75,000 still the buyer denied buying Google. But, soon the company started growing larger than the founders had imagined. Today, the company has revenues of $ 66 billion and has earned its creators a net worth of about $ 30 billion each.


These entrepreneurs show us that it’s never too early or never too young to pursue your dreams. Entrepreneurship is all about chasing your dreams and making it real till your last breath. And, just like them, there are many more inspiring entrepreneurs who have made us proud with their success startups.

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