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Looking for your dream job – here are few tips

few tips for your dream job

What do you want to become when you grow up — how many of us have encountered this question? I am sure everyone has faced this tricky question, at least once in their lives. 

During the early days of our lives, we all had a dream of becoming — doctor, engineer, journalist, pilot, actor, astronaut, and many more. With our shiny eyes, we all dreamed to have luxurious lives.

But, when we gradually started stepping up the ladder of our growth, everything has changed: we could not become the one we dreamed of in our childhood, and we couldn’t enjoy that lavish life too. But the question is, why? Are we not into our dream job? While growing up, have we lost somewhere? Or, are we still busy in finding our interest? 

If you are stuck in any of these, then it’s a pick time to find yourself and start researching your interest. This will not only make you fortunate enough to land at your dream job but also enable you to get all the luxury which you wanted since your childhood. 

So, here are few points which can help you to get through your dream job.

  • Start with a question: This is the first step towards finding your dream job. If you are not sure about your career or if you are frustrated with your current job because it’s not fulfilling your satisfaction then, ask yourself a question: which is the most engaging and interesting activity for you? This will give you clarity about your career and what you want to become in the future.
  • Prepare yourself towards your goal: Now, as you found the idea — what you want to become, the next step is to prepare yourself to achieve your goal. For example, if you want to become a writer, you need to know the basics of writing. So, you need to gain knowledge about different styles of writing and prepare yourself to become an expert. 
  • Gain experience: According to today’s standards, holding a degree is not enough to get through your dream job. If you want to become what you dreamed, then you have to gain experience in that field. For instance, if you studied programming, then you should utilize the skill to invent something innovative, or you should work as an intern. This can help you to get your dream job. 
  • Prepare an effective CV: A resume creates your first impression in front of the interviewer.  If your resume is not effective, then you won’t be considered for an interview. Hence, constructing an impactful resume, including a short history about you, your achievements, awards, work, and skills is very important. This will help you to land an interview at the job you want. 
  • Suppress your nervousness: Now, it’s time to kill your nervousness. Nervousness is an involuntary factor that automatically comes while communicating with an interviewer. But, it shouldn’t be there, because it creates a wrong impression of the candidate in front of the interviewer. For example, if you cross your arms when you feel cold, then this sends a nonverbal statement to the interviewer that you are closed to any opportunity or less approachable. 

Ultimate thoughts

A dream job is not a piece of cake; it’s a nut — hard to crack. However, the above-mentioned tips can help you to break the nut and find your interest and focus on your dream job.  

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