Can sleeping entrepreneurs generate new ideas?

Can sleeping entrepreneurs generate new ideas

The majority of people tend to think that skipping on sleep is the heroic path to success. It is a myth. According to a recent study, sleep plays a vital role in not only identifying a good business idea but also in evaluating it and believing it is viable.

If you are not getting the good amount of sleep, you are on the brink of losing money. Seems to be a bold claim? But it actually makes sense if you consider it carefully.

Sleep survey

A sleep survey was conducted among more than 700 entrepreneurs from around the world. Three things were discussed in the survey, namely, sleep patterns, hours of sleep, and types of sleep. A panel of business experts reviewed and ranked the pitches as having the most potential, medium potential, and least potential. Later, the participants reviewed the three pitches in the same day. The striking result is that those leaders who had less amount of sleep did not consistently pick the best pitches. And those leaders who had at least seven hours of sleep consistently selected the best pitches identified by the expert panel.

"Entrepreneurs who consistently choose hustle over sleep, thinking that sleep comes after success, may be subverting their efforts to succeed," says lead author Jeff Gish, an Assistant Business Professor at the University of Central Florida.

Connection between sleep and job performance

There lies a connection between sleep and job performance. Nowadays, entrepreneurs are at the dawn of a new revolution, and “sleep” has started to be perceived as a valuable asset to evaluate ideas that could turn into successful business ventures. Yes! A recent, new study found a link between sleep and the cognitive skills needed to identify and evaluate an idea.

If an individual wants to rejuvenate their mind and body, they have to sleep for 7–8 hours. Some even may argue that quality of sleep is important than the quantity. They insist that four uninterrupted hours of sleep leaves them in a healthy state than eight hours of intermittent sleep. 

Even though opinions are different, if an entrepreneur, amidst lot of tensions, sleeps well, he can generate better ideas than the one who lacks good amount of sleep.

Setting a routine

There are many types of sleeping patterns and habits. Although there exist preferred sleeping habits and patterns, what will get the ball rolling on improving the quality of sleep is setting a routine. Branter says, “That means going to bed at the same time and waking up around the same time every day, regardless of whether it’s late or early.”

Concluding remarks

Good night’s sleep is essential to anyone who wants to be more productive. When you are in the process of building a business empire, you tend to become busier. Sometimes there are chances that you are most likely to burn the midnight oil. Good amount of sleep will make it easier for you to deal with the challenges involved in entrepreneurship.

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