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Are Blogs Better than Books?

Are Blogs Better than Books

“I deeply acknowledge the fact that I also succumb to the common temptation, which people deal with the most in their reading space. I sit on a bench in the park with a novel in my bag and a phone in my hand. I do a deep Google search, and I go through so many blog posts published by my favorite authors. I read articles popping up on my digital screen and I move from one writer to the next. By the moment, I completely forget about the book that I kept inside my bag.”—This is how my reading habit has changed recently. 

As a reader, you also might have been gone through a similar transformation in your long reading journey. The invasion of the Internet has changed our reading habits from reading by smelling the book to a click on the digital link. Studies report that 77 percent of Internet users are reading blogs every day. This denotes the preference gained by blog posts over book chapters. 

Advantages of Reading Books

It is indeed, most of the book lovers are already despise how the Internet is walking over their reading experience by replacing books with digital materials. This is due to the fact that books are the mere solution that provides us a welcome break from excessive screen time. Books can deeply immerse a reader into its pages, and it makes them detached from their surroundings. 

One of the biggest advantages offered by books to the reader is it produces more detailed content by presenting issues comprehensively and coherently. Authors write chapters in a clear and well-ordered manner in a book, and you rarely find a chapter that is poorly written. 

In addition, since a book undergoes various stages in its processing from writing to publishing, the end result would be a credible content with more clarity. Writers make sure that the content of the book is selected, checked, and quality controlled before it finally gets published into a book from being just a draft. 

Another perk that makes book reading more significant is books are timeless, and they are not driven by today’s news. The contents of a book can sustain over centuries without losing its prominence. I.e., the pages of a book hold arguments and reflections that should stand the test time. 

Advantages of reading blog posts

Brian Manning once said, “I see blogs having a couple of advantages over books. Most of the top-selling books are a waste of time, and it could be summed up in a couple of blog posts.” 

According to studies, Brian is not only the one reader who shares opinion on this kind. Readers in this age commonly reveal that they are displeased with lengthy and repetitive content published by books. On the other hand, they prefer reading dynamic and shortly written content published on websites and blogs. 

Blogs usually consist of personal stories of the person who is writing it. In blogs, a reader can go through millions of personal experiences, which are unique and relatable with their life. You will not find any two blogs, which are similar, and you will hardly find a blog that exceeds 2,000 words. 

Apart from this, blogs open a door for the reader to react instantaneously on the content that is published on a website. Readers are free to give suggestions on the blog post, and this will be helpful for an author to improve the quality of their content. And, the best part is that in most of the cases you don’t have to pay money to read blogs as you are paying to read books. 

The Bottom Line

Books and blogs are different types of media, meant for the different types of consumption, and both of them claims different reader base. If the books engage you with a deep story with well-written text, blogs provide more personal texts for readers who are looking for a specific type of reading material. 

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