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NiceLabel’s New SAP ABAP Package for SAP Users

New SAP ABAP Package for SAP Users

Wauwatosa, US— NiceLabel, a leading global developer of label design software and label management systems, has announced the launch of version 2 of its ABAP package. This new version supports both SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA allowing organizations to fully digitize the labeling quality assurance process and reduce both labeling errors and shipping delays.

NiceLabel’s label management system is configured so that businesses can make label changes faster and reduce the burden on IT. The business benefits are many; faster label changes, approval workflows and previews inside SAP and faster label printing. 

Included with the NiceLabel Label Management System is an ABAP package that allows for rapid system deployment and configuration with unmatched seamless integration. Within the SAP environment this leads to reduced development costs and faster time to value as businesses are not required to configure all their own code in order to allow print operators and label approvers to view and authorize labels within the SAP environment. System deployment and configuration costs much less and takes a fraction of the time.

“Many organizations are striving to modernize their ERP systems from SAP ECC to SAP S4/HANA as they edge toward the cloud. We have the tightest integration and ‘know-how’ for both versions. Our ABAP package means that businesses don’t have to write their own code to be able to preview labels within SAP. This helps to eliminate many of the inefficiencies arising from relying on IT-developed SAPscript, SmartForms or Adobe Forms,” says Ken Moir, VP Marketing, NiceLabel.

He adds: “It’s not uncommon for label changes to take up to three weeks for some businesses. Our latest ABAP package integrates with both SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA. It can be transported into the SAP system within seconds and can streamline the SAP printing process in a matter of hours, giving businesses a quicker and more agile label production process.”

Label production in the SAP world has traditionally been a complex process managed by IT, but modern business practices demand an agile solution that supports customer label change requests within hours, not weeks. NiceLabel’s ABAP package V2 is fast and easy to deploy and delivers a fully automated working best-practice solution that can achieve improved performance and lower costs.

For more information on the new NiceLabel’s SAP solutions, visit NiceLabel’s booth at the SAPinsider’s conference “Intelligent Customer Experience-Driven Supply Chain” in Orlando, November 6-8, 2019. At the event, NiceLabel’s customer will present “How Stemcell Technologies improved its labeling quality assurance while implementing SAP S/4HANA”. Visit to learn more.

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