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How to handle emotional employees ?

How to handle emotional employees

Managers more often than not brush emotional issues aside as they consider that they are unworthy of their time and attention. But the costs of not dealing with these problems are often far greater. You all know very well what happens if an employee is unable to control their emotions at work. If an employee loses temper in the office, it can wreck havoc in the workplace, often resulting in overreactions all around. 

As the boss, do you know how to manage an emotional employee at work? You may ask what is the big deal in managing an emotional employee. It is not that easy when it comes to deal with in person. In general, emotional employees always focus on what is upsetting them more than their work. Not only that, if that negativity is spread across all employees, the productivity of the workplace can be affected. 

Tips are given below to handle emotional employee:

  • Find out the cause

If an employee is reacting or responding negatively, you must understand that something has happened. You must investigate what is triggering that kind of abnormal behavior. Listen patiently to all their issues.

  • Find out the solution

Once you find out the cause, you have to bring a solution. As the boss, you should know the tactics how to turn the problem into an opportunity for positive change. You cannot expect to solve the problem caused by emotional situations if you start reacting to the problem in a negative way. You help them to find the solution that they may need or resolve the conflict which may be the root cause for their problem. If possible, you can send them to meditation programs, conflict skills and communication training, employee assistance programs, personality development classes, and so on. This will help them to get the help that they need to overcome their emotional obstacles.

  • Provide them space and time

No wonder will work out unless you give the emotional employees space and time to deal with their problems. Providing space and time is the most effective way to handle an emotional employee and help them to think outside of the box in a constructive way, especially when they are going through extreme emotions. Next time, if you find any employee displaying emotional behavior, you can give them a break in the work day, a day or week off, or making their workload lighter for some time.

  • Have an emotional connection

Being emotionally connected with the emotional employee is important in order to handle them properly. Ask them their opinions about the work culture, team meetings, and job specification, targets and so on. Be sensitive to what makes them frustrated, sad, or angry.


Whether or not you like, difficult employees are always going to be in the workplace. Therefore, you have to be more wise in handling emotional employees. You have to change your angle and perspective to handle emotional employees. Don’t see them as problems; see them as opportunities.

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