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Mompreneur: tips to achieve balance between family and business

tips to achieve balance between family and business

The advancement of women in all areas is also transforming the business world. Today, women entrepreneurs have a greater role, even in segments that until a while ago seemed reserved for men, such as finance, manufacturing or technology. However, there are challenges that seem to find no solution.

One of them is the historical "conflict" between motherhood and professional life. The traditional gender roles, work culture and the change in priorities caused by the arrival of a child sometimes become obstacles for a working woman; hence the name of mompreneurs came up. The amalgamation of mother and entrepreneur is known as a mompreneur. What to do then to balance the energy, time and passion you dedicate to the two most important areas of your life? Here are some tips.

  • Create a balance – It's no secret that balancing household and business matters is difficult. But that does not mean it cannot. The key is to be smart in setting priorities. When with family, make the most effective use of time. When it's time to work, it must be maximized. As a mother, it's hard to choose which ones are the priorities. But in the end, you will learn the art of balancing.
  • Success takes time – The focus of mompreneur is to take care of families and businesses in parallel. Like a child who is learning, you must know that business also takes time. It cannot be a day of direct success and reap many benefits. To succeed certainly requires hard work, dedication, and the most important thing is patience. The entrepreneur world is full of obscurity, so you must be consistent and resilient. Perseverance is the key, keep trying and never give up. 
  • Make a team – For tasks to be light, you must be able to delegate tasks and responsibilities to team members. Build a great team. Choose the best and most trusted people who are able to carry out the task well. A great team will make business progress. You no longer need to leave the child at home, because the task has been successfully accomplished. 
  • Flexibility – The main reason why many women want to be a mompreneur is flexibility. When working in a corporation, there are many rules that must be followed including working hours, not to mention the boss who likes to get angry.

Being an entrepreneur means being your own boss, which means you can set everything to your liking. The advantage, you can choose the time at any time to work and not lose time with family.

  • Develop Yourself – Being a mother and an entrepreneur doesn't mean you can't develop yourself. Make time for yourself and try to take business classes to add insight. Also, attend events like that can be a place for networking and exchanging experiences with other entrepreneurs. After all, knowledge is the best investment.


At present being a mompreneur is much feasible. Simply, you just need to get family buy-in, line-up your emotionally supportive networks, and think of a clear strategy for your business. And, the tips referenced above are most effective and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Motherhood is a wonderful thing; however, it should not demoralize you from becoming an entrepreneur. Be smart, be striking and reorient the playing field to coordinate your strengths as a mother.

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