Tech Gadgets: Giving a healthy and stress-free life

Whether its tax returns, fake news, real news, or life in general — many people are feeling stressed out these days. And that may be taking a toll on your health. A recent study shows how damaging stress can be for us. But the innovation of technology is like a boon for us to handle this stressful life.

Technology may be stressing us out, but sometimes it also offers the cure. The best thing about technology is its advancement and how it improves our lives. However, finding tech gadgets that focus on our wellbeing and health can get complicated at times. It isn't always simple to discover tech gadgets that can help us in living a healthy and stress-free life. Whether you’re looking to learn how to breathe properly, or just need a reminder to make time for yourself in your busy day to de-stress, these tech gadgets can guide you properly in a slight calmer space.

TouchPoint Basic TouchPoint Basic

The increasing stress and anxiety level in our lives is a typical situation now. Stress has all the negative impacts on our physical and mental structures. Reports state that 1 million individuals fall sick each day due to stress. However, imagine a scenario in which you have a gadget that aids in reducing stress? You might wonder how it is even possible in real. Well it is possible with TouchPoint Basic tech gadget.

TouchPoint Basic is winning neuroscience wearables that reduce stress, improves sleep and develop focus in our mind. The gadget emits haptic vibration. The thought behind building this product was that bi-lateral stimulation can lessen the physical impacts of stress in only 30 seconds.

TouchPoints have three-speed settings (slow, medium, and quick) that can be changed in accordance with the match to your solace level. The vibrations produce a sound that is similar to the mobile phone. On the off chance that the clamor is diverting, essentially place the TouchPoints in pockets, socks, or utilize zippered sweatbands.

Xech iSoothe Xech iSoothe

Our eyes are one of those organs that gets exhausted the most and we regularly neglect to deal with it. A convenient eye massager is an ultimate choice and that is the reason what makes us talk about Xech iSoothe. Consider it as your personal spa for your eyes that you can take anyplace and can utilize whenever you want. This eyewear is made with the purpose to refresh, rejuvenate and revive your eyes within a couple of minutes. Use it for five minutes and you will encounter the difference yourself. iSoothe vibrates, has a weight engine and is built with 42* Heat Compression Technology. This tech gadget massages the area around your eyes and brow which helps in opening the blockages. What makes it worth it is that it has Bluetooth availability and an inbuilt speaker that gives you a chance to play music.

Omron HeartGuide Omron HeartGuide

Blood pressure has become a common phenomenon among working individuals. People are either experiencing hypertension or hypotension. Getting tested once every month in a clinic is not at all easy nor does it give you an image of daily blood pressure. Subsequently, a smartwatch that could monitor your BP is something that many of us need. Omron has built up a smartwatch that precisely measures your blood pressure readings and sends the detail on your mobile application. Now, the question is how is it possible? This tech gadget has an extending band like the standard BP machine that takes the reading. Heartguide is very easy to use and gives you a chance to schedule the reading as per your wish.

Stanley Black & Decker PriaStanley Black & Decker Pria

Need a partner who can serve medicine and work on your voice? Stanley Black and Decker Pria is something that you can trust upon blindly. Pria reacts to your voice directions and is also prepared to give medicines (up to 28 dosages). Whoever is under Pria's care, it reminds you and acts as a warden. Also, it works as a video call gadget and enables you to connect with individuals. This device simply can take care of your loved ones in your absence and you can also keep a tab of what's going on through your mobile application. It has a female voice equipped in it and one can set a reminder to it about anything.



The Muse headset is heavy on the pocket and yet worth purchasing. It is the best medication gadget that helps you get calm. Some people have a difficult time staying focused during meditation. This tech- gadget guides you through the process, providing real-time feedback on what’s happening in your brain while you meditate. Muse has built-in EEG sensors that track your brain activity whether it is calm or active during meditation. If you’re more focused on your to-do list than your breathing, the peaceful sounds you hear get a little louder and stronger, encouraging you to stay calm and focused.

Bottom Line

Make these digital gadgets work for you to reduce your stress from time to time. The investments you are putting to buy these tech-gadgets are the actual investment into disease prevention due to stress, daily control of the body’s vital systems, personalized programs and motivation to improve lifestyle, new insights about the body, life, and mood improvements. In this tech-era, this is the way to lead a happier, healthier and stress-free life.

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