How technology is changing the food industry?

What do you do when the delicious food is served in the plate on your table? Of course, you will eat, right. Everyone does the same. But my point is have you ever thought of technology when it comes to food? Whether or not you think about technology, technology has changed food industry such as how we produce and find out food through applications, robotics, and data and processing techniques. Let us see how technology has changed the food industry.

By using technology we can improve the shelf life, quality and safety of food. By keeping the food fresh with the help of technology, we can increase productivity.  According to a recent report from ING, “+helps food manufacturers produce more efficiently for a growing world population.”

Robotic machines are more helpful in performing more dangerous jobs in the food industry. Take, for example, the task of cutting meats. Do you know that in 2016 a tech company rolled out a program for butchery? Yes. By using robots to cut the most difficult part of meat, we can save many work injuries.


3D Printing3D Printing

Recently, I bought a sandwich ice cream. I found a beautiful image engraved on the sandwich. I wondered how it could be possible? It is not possible through manual work, but it is possible through 3D printing. Only 3D printing can make that magic happen. Hope you all know about bio printing. This 3D printing technology is almost the same that is being used in bio printing.  3D food printing provides several potential benefits. 3D printing is healthy for the environment as it can convert ingredients such as proteins from algae, beet leaves, or insects into tasty products.


Satellite farming


Satellite farming

Satellite farming is used to grow the food more easily. This technology uses the GPS tracking systems to monitor yields. It also monitors soil levels and weather patterns to make sure there will be good harvests. There is no shadow of doubt that this technology has brought many changes in the food industry.



Genetically modified organisms Genetically modified organisms

Are you wondering what genetically modified organisms (GMO) is all about? Biotechnology is used to create GMOs. Through GMOs, plants and animals can be created resistant to many diseases as well as to weather conditions, and it is possible to change features such as size, shape, structure and so on. This technology will really help people in the future to fight against the hunger.




Finally yet importantly, with all these advancements in technology, now we can really change the way we produce food. With the help of available technologies, we can eliminate world hunger and solve the waste problem.