How technology can transform villages?

How technology can transform villages

Do you know what could be the “heart and soul” of any country? Yes! It is none other than villages. From smallest sewing needle to satellite, technology has touched different spheres of life including agriculture. 

In this article, let us see how technology has revolutionized the methods of farming. 

  • Crop irrigation systems and livestock can be monitored

Modern technology has discarded all obsolete and outdated methods of farming. Now this is the era of mobile technology. With the use of mobile technology, a farmer can monitor and control crop irrigation systems. Through this, the farmer can save his time. Instead of driving to each field, he can control his irrigation systems from a phone or computer. Awesome, right? Not only that, a farmer can even monitor his livestock when he is away from home. How do you think he can monitor? He can monitor through cameras that send images back to his computer.

  • Crop sensing technology

Crop sensing technology is a boon to agriculture. With the help of crop sensors, farmers can achieve successful crop production. As farmers get digital information regarding weather, soil conditions, and crop health, it is easy for them to optimize their yields and achieve high level of production. And by using crop sensors, farmers are able to check yield quality, pest and disease infections, nutrient levels and many more. They can monitor various morphology factors such as leaf area, biomass, and distribution of plants and organs.

  • Ultrasound checking

How helpful it would be for a farmer if he has a kind of technology that discovers what quality of meat might be found in an animal before it goes to the market? With the help of ultrasound technology, it is possible. Ultrasound technology also checks on baby animals in the womb. In addition, DNA tests help farmers to identify animals with desirable quality. This information helps the farmer to improve the quality of his livestock. 

  • Use of tractors and artificial irrigation

As increasingly more machines are taking the place of manual work, the standard of living of farmers has gone high. In particular, the use of tractors has perfected the art of farming to a large extent. In earlier days, farming was considered a laborious task as sowing seeds and reaping harvest play a huge role. He has to completely wait for the rain. But today, scientists have discovered artificial irrigation methods such as canals, dams, tube wells and many more. 


There is no shadow of doubt that the influence of modern technology on Indian villages has transformed the villages as well as the life of farmers. I can even boldly say that farmer of the twentieth century is much better than his counterpart in the previous centuries.

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