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Tips to turn your hobby into a career

That's the dream, is not it? We all want to wake up excited Monday, enjoy the work we do and come home invigorated to redo everything tomorrow. The obvious answer is to transform your hobby - the passion you already have - into your career or business, into your main source of income. If you did that, work and play would become one. You will enjoy your Monday to Friday as much as the weekend and all your life would be spent doing things you naturally love.

According to many people, when your hobby turns into a career or job, it becomes too tedious and you will not enjoy it as much as you used to do earlier. But, I do not agree. I believe you can turn your hobby into a career or business without losing your passion. 

Here’s how to do it

Find all the tracks you have – There is no bad track, especially when you start. Beggars cannot choose, and the best way - the only way - to turn your passion or hobby into your career is to follow up with every thread that comes your way.

Consider Sarah Riccio, writer and member of the Sleepopolis team, an online review site dedicated to sleep technology that helps their audience "capture Zzz's better". Sleepopolis, "Sarah told me on the phone," I worked as a bartender with a group of other English majors who were struggling to find their place in the big city. "Too good to be true." In her words: "I was sure that the call to a" charismatic sleep lover "who wants to personally test the pillows in front of the camera was Craigslist code for" Finding a Young Woman Who Can Put suggestively on a mattress "in the wind and decided to apply anyway. What do I have to lose?” she says to herself. Of course, her lead was a bit odd and unclear at first, but she followed it anyway, and now, says Sarah, "I'm an expert in bedding in good faith who happens to explore my two hobbies every day: writing and sleep.”

Never stop innovating – When your hobby has to turn into your career, the best way to keep your passionate attitude is to continue to learn, master and innovate. This is after all that usually holds a person's interest in his hobbies: the fact that there is an infinite amount of learning and mastery.

Jeff Bezos, a passionate advocate of respect and monetization of your passions, believes that your passions if exploited can spur innovation in the workplace. He explains: "The invention comes in many forms and at different scales. The most radical and transformative inventions are often those that allow others to unleash their creativity - to pursue their dreams. "

In other words, constantly innovating will not only leave you passionate about the hobby you have monetized, but it will also make you a more efficient and future-oriented worker.

Put your own projects first – When a hobby is just a hobby, it’s a mere fun and games. You do it because you like to do it, not because you have to do it. But when this hobby turns into a career or job, you have to work on it no matter how hard you feel. The good news is that you can maintain your inner passion for your monetized hobby with a little intentionality.

Mike Blankenship, freelance writer and owner of Getting Your Gusto Back - a blog that aims to help people recover their childishness - is passionate about writing and personal development. And he told me that having his own projects go before the client's job helps him stay true to his hobby career.

"To make sure that I continue to engage in my passions, I start each day working alone. He explains: "I only work on customer projects every day, so I make sure I prioritize my own projects and passions before anything else. Ironically, when I do this, I usually do a better job for my clients because I started the day with something that fascinates me." It looks like a dream is coming true.

Wrapping Up

As you embark on your journey to turn your hobby into a career, don’t be afraid to start small. Begin implementing some of the above suggestions while you’re still in your current role. Understand the marketplace you want to get into and start taking steps to position yourself for any opportunities that may arise in the future.

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