Benefits of technology in building relationship

Benefits of technology

Back in the days when I was a young boy, the area where I was residing had just one phone. This rare piece of technology was unavailable most of the time for most of the residents. Those days we typically communicated with our distant relatives and friends by means of letters—and sometimes through telegram in case of emergency.  Even though we communicated, it would take at least from 3 to 4 days for the letter to be reached. Now everything has been changed upside down.

Yes! Now with the help of technology, it is possible for every one of us to call, chat, text, and send videos in less than a minute. What else we want! We can communicate with anyone from anywhere in the world. 

World is in your hands

Can you believe if I say the phone in your hand is your sixth finger? Yes. Using that sixth finger, we can talk to anyone in the world. Here are the benefits of technology for better relationships.

  • Use social media

Many of us deride social media tools like Facebook and WhatsApp as a distraction. Yes. I agree there are times when these tools took your precious time away from valuable connections. But through using Facebook, we can find our old school friends whom we had missed out long years ago. Not only that we can also connect with many new friends. We can also share important things and events in our life with others. We can also come to know about the events going around in the life of our lovable ones. You can also use WhatsApp to chat and call anyone in the world. You can even video call and talk to face-to-face with anyone in the world. In addition, you can use YouTube and many other services to connect with people in a real, more human way. 

  • Use LinkedIn

If you would like to promote your own work, you can use LinkedIn. Through LinkedIn, you can expand your business sphere by coming across many business contacts. You can come to know the status quo of your present job, which would be helpful for planning your future.

  • Use Videoconferencing

You can deploy videoconferencing to establish, build, and maintain relationships. Using videoconferencing gives you the ability to enhance relationships. There are many videoconferencing tools available such as Google Hangouts, Zoom, Blab and many more.

Summing up

Building better relationship with others either in business circle or in family circle is more than just being nice and smiling. When you add value to someone’s life, you will certainly stand out in a very favorable way. The more value you can create for others, the better off you will be. Technology does not have to get in the way of building relationships. It is our sole responsibility that we have to use technology in a proper way. If we use technology properly, technology can give us a decisive advantage and enhance relationships more than ever.

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