Pros and Cons of living in a technological world

Compare the lifestyle of people in the digital era with the lifestyle of people who lived in previous years. Vast difference. Isn’t it? We, in the digital era, are more advanced and high-tech. We achieve great things in a short period of time. Due to advanced technology, communication and travel were made easier. We can easily communicate with others across the boundaries. We feel really great to handle things with just one click of a finger. Yes! This is an era where our fingers can do magic.

Pros and Cons

As coin has two sides, even technology has advantages and disadvantages. Now let us analyze pros and cons of technology.


We can communicate, order food, book tickets for travel and movies and many more with the help of technology. We can easily access and get both products and services even if is thousand miles away from our location. Technology also helps elderly people as well as physically disabled people. For them, technology is a boon. Technology helps them to access things easily. When things are done in just a few clicks, they could easily get what they want. With respect to medical science, technology is on the rise. Conducting and undergoing medical checkups nowadays are very easy. We will no longer need to wait for a long time to get our medical results. We can get our medical results within minutes. Not only that, we are able to check our health without the need of going to doctor. From household activities to medical science, technology helps us a lot in all aspects.


Owing to the overuse of technology, that is, spending too many hours in using social media apps or playing games, we are likely to develop depression and social isolation. We develop lack of communication with our lovable ones and start to living in our own world. According to a research study, “people who suffer from social isolation are identified to live a shorter life”.

As we are being engrossed in social media activities, we spend lesser amount of time for physical exercises. As a result, we, without proper awareness, slowly become addicted to overeating habit that causes obesity. So all three, lack of communication, inactive lifestyle, and overeating, combined creates depression. 

In addition, due to the overuse of smartphones or working longer hours using laptops or computers, we create a possibility of suffering from sleeping disorder. Sleeping disorder is a mental disease. It comes due to tension and being awake all through the night. It would be far better if we keep our phones or other electronic gadgets outside the bedroom to get good amount of sleep.

Summing up

As we have analyzed earlier pros and cons of technology . Because there are disadvantages, we should not conclude that technology is not helpful at all. On the contrary, we ought to minimize the wrong usage and move towards the right direction.

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