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Virtual Reality: Promising future of Entertainment industry


The entertainment industry is one of the most enthusiastic applications of virtual reality (VR) and majority of people believe that VR is set to be the future of entertainment. Gaming is what makes people feel better and can start learning so many things, even if they are not real. VR worlds are online VR social platforms where people can interact with each other.

VR can be used for many types of entertainment such as cinema, museum, amusement park, games, and so on.


Green light Insights research reveals that consumers are most interested to watch cinemas in the VR Theater. How is cinema in VR different from classic cinema? In a classic cinema, a movie watcher is just an observer. But in VR, movie watcher is at the center of the action. As every scene unfolds, the watcher has the choice to look in whichever direction he or she wants and become absorbed in whatever part of the action they choose.




VR plays a vital role in the modern museum experience. For example, the British Museum used VR devices to engage adults and children with their Bronze Age collections. Visitors in the VR headset could walk through the ancient landscape and interact with the artifacts using a VR controller.

Many museums create their VR applications for desktops and mobile devices. After the launch of such VR applications, museum representatives note an increase in the museum attendance.


Amusement Park

VR has added a new dimension to theme park rides. In recent years, many amusement parks have implemented the use of VR in their rollercoaster rides. The rider takes the ride wearing VR headset and experience all twists and turns. With the help of VR headset, the rider enters a new dimension and experiences new things. The combination of VR and rides create a thrilling experience to visitors. While there are lots of theme parks in America and Europe beginning to employ VR on certain rides, China went one step further several years ago building a theme park purely dedicated to VR. This witnesses the level of significance given to VR in amusement park.



VR has a huge potential in the gaming sector and is showing fast growth rate. In a VR game, a person can experience being in a three-dimensional environment and interact with that environment during a game. A VR game usually involves a three-dimensional image that can be explored interactively on a computing device by manipulating keys, mouse or touch screen.




In summary, VR entails presenting our senses with a computer-generated virtual environment that we can explore in some fashion. Entertainment and VR industries stimulate each other’s growth, attracting more and more consumers. The combination of the entertainment industry and VR technologies creates products with extraordinary commercial potential. We can expect to see many more innovative uses for the technology in the future and perhaps a fundamental way in which we communicate and work, thanks to the possibilities of VR.


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