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Top 5 Contact centre technology trends

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In today’s ever-changing technological world, contact centre are not lagging behind. Apparently, there has been a significant change in the contact centre industry from the past few years. Where, the emergence of new technologies such as cloud, artificial intelligence, and machine learning is allowing some of the vendors to lead the industry by fulfilling the rapidly evolving customer expectations, there are still some companies who are toiling hard to stay alongside with these new technologies due to their financial uncertainties and incapability. To overcome current and upcoming challenges, here are some of the latest contact centre technology trends of 2019, which every organization should follow: 

A profound shift towards Cloud

The fact that the on-premises technologies of businesses and its voice-centric contact systems restrict the businesses to work from multiple locations and manage an increasing number of communication channels bringing them behind the competition and increasing customer dissatisfaction. Cloud-based contact centre permitting businesses of all size to get rid of the traditional legacy system and adopt innovative ideas to compete in the market by making seamless customer journey. Its low cost and high-efficiency feature with increased scale and benefits of virtualization has made infrastructure cost more tempting.

A recent survey conducted by Right Scale found that over 95% of respondents were seriously considering moving some or all of their contact centre applications and operations to the cloud.  However, there are still some businesses that are not ready to eliminate their on-premise technology fully. Moreover, they are more interested to upgrade their outdated, voice-centric system by integrating a cloud-based solution. The deployment of a cloud-based platform alongside existing infrastructure, digital and self-service solutions can complement existing technology.

Segregation into different channels

These days, customers want smooth and contextual interaction with the company. In order to make a seamless journey for the customers, it is crucial for a company to segregate itself to different channels such as support, customer service, and billing, self-service and assisted-service. 

To grow a company, it is very important for a company to give a holistic approach to its customers’ journey. However, it is not as simple as it sounds. The process becomes more complex and lengthy when any random solutions and channels integrate. By solving these issues with the deployment of right technology, a business can optimize their contact center and improve the efficiency of customer service. It is pivotal to aggregate all data to create the holistic customer experience. 

Contact centres revolution by implementing IVR

With the growing customer’s demands, IVR has become the necessity for all organization’s contact centres. It allows the organizations and businesses to provide effective and efficient communication solution to its customers by offering services around the clock, including holidays. This, in turn, helps the companies to extend their business to 24 hrs and resolve customer queries faster. 

In this technical world and to meet customer’s growing expectation, organizations are thinking to integrate new technologies such as cloud and AI-based technologies with IVR. AI-based voice recognition feature can reduce costs, gain productivity and maximize customer satisfaction. The fundamental idea of assimilating AI with IVR is to have a machine learning; how to mimic human behaviour and modernize the traditional IVR system to make the customer experience much smoother, faster and efficient.

Changing agents into profit centres

Despite focusing to provide delighted customer experience, businesses also target on cost- reduction. Leveraging AI and chat bots, and improved self-service can help the organization to attend large volume of customers without the assistance of agents, which turned them as profit centres. The only need for the customers to speak to an agent is to resolve complex issue or complaints, which requires agents to have better training and tools. This lead to a shift towards a better-trained team of knowledgeable agents within the contact centres.

Further practices of Chat bot and AI

The development of bots and automated messaging is already changing the world of contact centres. Live chat bots have the ability to answer the simple query efficiently and quickly than a live agent ever could. However, humans have a unique ability to pick up tone and subtext in a way that chat bot can never do. It is very much important for contact centres to be staffed by both people and bots so that when there is a need to transfer customers to live agents, it can be done easily.

Conclusion to contact centre

As we have seen a massive change in the contact centre industry, the technologies which were introduced five years ago have become certainly outdated and inefficient now. It’s always been a great benefit for an organization to follow customer experience trends and contact centre technology. In this competitive world, organizations which are able to walk alongside these new innovations and leverage them as per their requirement can find a huge success with its customers. 

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