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Top 10 Reasons why employees leave your company


Employees are one of the important assets for companies, especially those included in your best employees, because with the presence of employees the business wheel can grow and grow rapidly. But on the contrary, if there is no employee, the business you run might be destroyed. However, the best employee is also just a human being, so surely having feelings that may over time be disturbed and certainly make them feel uncomfortable in the company and decide to resign.

It turns out that the actions of these employees have a reason. Here are 10 reasons why the best employees even resign from work:

  • A negative atmosphere and little work culture - A satisfied and happy work environment is essential for employee productivity. Every company has its own work culture. Not everyone fits equally well here and that's fine, as long as those who can identify with the work culture remain. Nobody wants to spend 8-10 hours a day in a work atmosphere that is negative and overwhelming.  It is, therefore, crucial to invest in a work environment that motivates people to do their best and get involved.
  • Bad work-life balance I think there is not much needed for explanation here. Many studies show that many good employees feel burned out if they do not take enough breaks. Permanently producing over 80% of productivity is not sustainable. There are reasons why big companies like Google allow their employees to "shut down" even on the premises. The level of creativity will most likely increase if employees do not feel overworked.
  • Bad Communication - In a survey of 210,000 employees, more than half of the total claimed not to be satisfied with the information he received from office management. Employees get tired of arguing their positions. They finally realize that it makes no sense to keep pushing a rock uphill trying to get their boss or their boss's boss to see the light. If they propose ideas that they believe will help their business to grow, but the business leaders don't want to hear it, eventually, the great employee will give up pushing and take the path of least resistance -- they'll go and work somewhere else.
  • Work is not recognized - one of the reasons for resigns that often occurs is usually because the company does not recognize or realize the work of its employees. They get tired of being overlooked and ignored. It's easy to take a top performer for granted. Because, good employees don't want to stick around waiting for bosses to give them the pay, promotions or other good things they deserve. They have choices. They can find another job in a heartbeat -- and if you don't take care of them, they will.
  • Employees Feel Unbelievable - One of the valuable values that influence the company is trust, honesty, and fairness. 80% of employees say that mistrust from a boss or teammate will make them decide to resign from work. They don't have faith in their organization leaders to run the organization effectively. If a good employee doesn't have faith that their leaders know what they're doing, they'll go to work for someone else they have more confidence in.
  • Excessive Workload - Research shows that 39% of employees are dissatisfied with the proportion of balance between work and their personal lives, and 80% want reduced working hours. Being overloaded with work is the top reason for employees to quit the organization. Nothing is more frustrating for an employee than consistently being given extra work because their colleagues weren’t able to complete it.
  • Do not have the opportunity to do something - No employee likes to stay in one position or achieve something without an effort being made. Instead, they want to do something meaningful to successfully reach their goals. However, 45% of employees claimed there was no opportunity to do something big, while others immediately decided to move to work or look for the opportunity in a new place.
  • Lack of Training Provided - The lack of training for employees leads to a stagnant situation because employees will not develop. Companies that do not prioritize training will gradually become unproductive and less efficient.
  • Do not get promotion or increase position - 36% of employees claimed to have never been given an offer for promotion. Giving a raise is a good thing, but it's not enough because employees want themselves to be able to develop in new positions and positions. They feel they are underpaid relative to the market or underpaid relative to what they could earn somewhere else.
  • Employees Do Not Know the Purpose of the Company - About 68% of employees feel that the company is not trying hard enough to make certain goals. They want the company to have a big goal, where they can contribute to it. Inform about the company's goals to all employees, especially new employees so that they clearly understand their respective roles to achieve these goals.

Closing Thoughts

What it really comes down to is that you can’t take your top talent, or any employees, for granted. If you want people to stay at your company, you need to make sure that you’re meeting their needs and giving them a reason not to leave.

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