FaceApp: AI-enabled App


Recently, everyone’s social media profile has been flooded with different posts showing their current picture on the left and their older self on the right. It is called an Age challenge and anyone can try it for themselves using FaceApp on any phone. You can add a beard, mustaches, or a certain look through this FaceApp.  However, initially I was thinking it’s a new effect which has come up lately in snap chat or Instagram but was clueless about the original reason behind this crazy trend. To know the uniqueness of this app, I downloaded and tried the same for myself. And the result was shocking for me. Although it didn’t shorten my hair or added any external features, it was exactly looking like the older version of me.

If you notice properly, the image results of FaceApp look much more real as compared to the other filter apps. There are wrinkles on the forehead, eye bags under the eyes, and lots of loose skin around the chin and cheeks. This shows that FaceApp has done something very big and unique which snapchat or instagram could not? 

How FaceApp is different from other Apps

Unlike the other app, FaceApp uses AI to bring changes in facial features. By using deep learning technology, image recognition feeds sample data through deep neural networks to recognize all the features of a human face. It is done on much more advanced- level as compared to other filters provided by snap chat. FaceApp isn’t new, initially, it was launched in 2017, but it’s trending online after it introduced the new filter of getting old on July 10. According to data from app analytics firm Sensor Tower, FaceApp has been downloaded by more than 12.7 million new users since July 10. From film stars to cricketers to the common man everyone is trying their hands out of this app. FaceApp is a free app now available on both the iOS App store and the Google Play Store.

On the other hand, some people are concerned about FaceApp’s Privacy Clause.  It gives the company a license to use all the photos available on the phone. So as per people, it is not at all a secure app to use for fun. However, the security researchers have proved the allegation wrong and suggest that FaceApp doesn’t take any photos from the phone for improper use. The researchers found that only photos you upload goes to the company’s server and gives results according to the chosen filter.


In this article, we have gathered some important information about this new emerging FaceApp. This article is all about how FaceApp works and a brief understanding of the technology behind this trending application. Overall, we can say FaceApp has set a high standard for other apps.

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