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Importance of Work-Life Balance


The term ‘work-life balance’ is losing its buzz in recent years. Striking a perfect balance between work and family is becoming a pressing problem for most of the employees. With the evolution of technologies, businesses have diminished geographical boundaries and have made time zone irrelevant for employees. Further, the fear of being jobless, less incentive are what persuading most of the people to work for longer hours. 

Let’s discuss this problem with an example to know the importance of maintaining a good work-life balance— Ross, one of my clients in personality development classes came to me one day and started discussing the overwhelming problems in his job.  How he is occupied with his job? How he has no time to focus on his personal life? Even, after 10 hours of work, he is taking phone calls in family dinner, putting extra hours of work, and overall feeling like he has no time left for his personal choices, hobbies, and family.

Long work hours, stressful job not only hampers the ability to balance work and family life but also are associated with health risks such as weight gain, depression, insomnia, etc.

So, here are few ways to achieve a perfect work-life balance:

Take advantage of your personal time – Self-care is always important for the human being. To have a healthy work-life balance, you need to be mentally and physically fit. Take time to recharge yourself by doing your favorite activities, watch your favorite TV show. If you are a fitness-freak, do not ever miss your gym for work.

Learn to say NO – Many of us feel compelled to agree to every request rather than to say NO, even if we are left with no time for ourselves. But, it’s necessary to learn to say NO and it’s perfectly ok as it will give you some time to revive yourself.

Create boundaries – It’s necessary to identify what’s most important in life. Then, draw some firm boundaries around the same and devote the time what is in the priority list. Don’t be always stick to your laptop to check emails of your boss in your personal time. Just because you are physically accessible all the time doesn’t mean you have to be always.


Remember to be happier in life and more productive in work, it’s very much crucial to balance both personal and professional life. Take time for yourself throughout the day. Make a point of getting stretch yourself in 15- minutes. It will help you to be more focused and productive.

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