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Ericsson announces new AI innovation hub in Montreal

Ericsson announces new AI innovation hub in Montreal

Ericsson has joined the growing AI technology hub in Montreal, as it announced its new Global Artificial Intelligence Accelerator (GAIA) innovation hub in Montréal.

The hub will specialize in the research and development of artificial intelligence and automation, with a focus on AI technology that would work in conjunction with 5G technology; and Ericsson is hoping it can leverage the existing eco-system of AI development in the city in its own development.

“We are excited to establish the Montréal GAIA to both leverage and collaborate with the local AI ecosystem and customers in order to collectively drive industrialization of new opportunities,” said Graham Osborne, the head of Ericsson Canada. “Maturing AI capabilities will have a significant impact on 5G and existing networks’ automation and evolution. The leadership shown by governments in Canada has helped create a robust Montréal AI ecosystem with world-class talent from which we can recruit.”

Ericsson has announced that its newest GAIA innovation hub will create more than 30 new jobs in 2019 including data scientists, engineers, AI/machine learning (ML) architects, and software developers. This is in addition to the over 1,000 workers that Ericsson already employs in its Montreal location, many of which work in Ericsson’s R&D and Services Centre.

This newest hub joins a growing list of GAIA innovation hubs that Ericsson has, including in the United States, Sweden, and India. Between all of its GAIA innovation hubs, Ericsson employs more than 300 data scientists, data engineers, ML/AI architects, and software developers.

The Montreal area has been lauded as an emerging global AI hub, and already boasts AI labs from Facebook, Microsoft, Samsung, and many more.

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