ECORA Advanced Geographic Information System (GIS) Technology Services


Our goal with every project is to understand how a project fits into a specific client need and how it will be utilized on a day-to-day basis

It wasn’t too long ago when we used reams of paper maps for traveling, construction, and visualization, etc. Paper maps have not only been cumbersome to manage, but they have limited features. From looking far and wide for help, we now look into our pockets for answers, in our smartphones. Now, just consider how GIS technology services have fast replaced old-fashioned paper maps as virtually every one utilizes digital maps and how we navigate the streets, roads, and alleyways – using our smartphone’s maps. This was made possible thanks to breakthrough technologies like the global positioning system, smartphones, and the internet.

Having grasped the value of GIS technology, technologists have since strived to make it available to the public as a service. One such prominent company is ‘Ecora’—a market leader, developing GIS technology solutions. Ecora excels as an engineering, environment, and forestry consultancy that integrates GIS into all of its service offerings. Founded in 2010, Ecora is headquartered in Kelowna, BC, and provides its services to customers worldwide. The company was formed by an ambitious and dedicated team of five senior Natural Resource professionals who sought to design the company to provide outstanding services such as GIS mapping technologies while developing lasting relationships with clients, employees, and partners.

From its inception in 2010 and with an annual growth rate of 58%, Ecora has swiftly established itself as a provider of a full spectrum of consultancy services that utilize GIS technology in all of its service offerings across many sectors including forestry, oil & gas, municipal development, and other industries. Specifically, their services vary from geomatics, land use planning, resource analysis, data management, LiDAR (a detection system) analysis and processing, to several disciplines of engineering like civil, structural, mechanical, geotechnical and mechanical testing. This was made possible thanks to Ecora’s committed and dedicated team.

Ecora’s team consists of outstanding professionals (biologists, engineers, foresters, etc.) who strive to fully understand their clients’ needs. The team addresses its clients’ challenges with excellent solutions that leverage technologies effectively and efficiently. Kelly Sherman, the President, and CEO of Ecora elaborates, “At Ecora, we view our clients’ challenges as our own. Our goal with every project is to understand how a project fits into a specific client need and how it will be utilized on a day-to-day basis.”

Ecora hires the most talented professionals in order to deliver on its high standard of services in a cost-effective way. The company has served a diverse list of clients at all the levels of Canadian governments and across a variety of industries. The company’s global footprint includes 16 countries on five continents and thus enjoys healthy customer relationships worldwide.

Ecora promotes the well-being of the environment by protecting traditional lands and traditional documentation. Kelly Sherman weighs in, “We work closely with First Nations communities and clients across all sectors, collaborating in land management considering multiple values such as traditional use, cultural values, species and ecosystems at risk, fish, wildlife, habitat needs, forest productivity, climate change adaptation, soil and terrain capability and risk hazard”.

Ecora’s full suite of services covers a wide range of applications across many sectors. Some of the company’s premier services are listed below:

  1. Ecora provides geotechnical and mechanical engineering services such as site investigations, assessments for slopes, terrains and natural hazards. These have immediate and practical implications in so many sectors for e.g., land development, transportation structures, and building constructions.
  1. Civil engineers provide services such as municipal engineering related services for e.g., roads, sanitary and storm sewer projects and water-related services for e.g., water distribution network analysis, water storage, and treatment facilities.
  1. Ecora’s dam engineering services encompass dam safety inspections, engineering analyses, environmental assessments, and construction oversight.
  1. Ecora’s data management services such as database design, database implementation database maintenance, spatial data compilation, and management. Additionally, Ecora has built a data management system with an internet mapping tool that fulfills the purpose of many small licensees.
  1. Ecora is skilled in LiDAR processing. Kelly Sherman explains, “No matter what type of sector your business incorporates, Ecora’s project team has a strong combination of expertise in mapping, GIS and LiDAR that allows us to effectively incorporate LiDAR into any project.”

Ecora looks promising as a GIS services provider today because of their commitment to delivering quality products. Ecora’s is committed to their staff, clients, community, and environment, and the company is looking very strong. Kelly Sherman assures that Ecora’s future path is to move forward at a rate that never compromises the company’s ability to provide the exceptional service they strive for.


"Ecora utilizes GIS technology in all of its service offerings across many sectors including forestry, oil & gas, municipal development, and other industries"

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