VORM : Inspiring Technology Design Innovation


Bart Zimny – CEO & Design Strategist, VORM

The growth of markets has certainly increased the demand for more innovation in services and products. To achieve this companies are making use of all their skills and technological abilities to create solutions that solve problems in an efficient way. With the advantages technology has been bringing to upgrade people to new and powerful products, it also becomes important to understand the customer long before the step of product development and deployment are finally realized. VORM is a technology design company that strives to succeed in this mission.

VORM’s team of researcher’s designers and technology experts propel brand and products to pursue a higher degree of efficacy in the planning and development of industrial and product design. As a technology design house, the company appeal resides in its combining of technology and art and, in turn creating a beautiful and useful experience from start to finish. “Our passion for launching, rejuvenating and propelling brands and products helps us to make business transformation happen. We are researchers, designers, and business minds working together to uncover new business opportunities and help brands achieve their goals,” affirms Bart Zimny – CEO & Design Strategist, VORM.

The firm was started by three friends who were specialists in industrial design. Gradually the successful start made them understand the industry and its requirements better. Using that knowledge they set out to transform the company into a market player with visibility in a variety of fields, not just design. Adding experts to every domain the company stood out strong in its vision to become an innovative consultancy firm.

VORM measures up businesses in a true consultancy fashion that helps it to venture beyond the usual operations of the business and delve deeper into the challenges they face. The result of this is a strong commitment from its customers that are now more confident to reveal their production facilities, planning of business model and network. Based on it, VORM gets the right idea about how its partner want to design the product and build capabilities that can bring real benefits when the product is released in the market. Bart explains “The better we understand our clients the easier it is to create what they want. To do that we ask about the genesis of the idea, what are their production facilities and what type of business model does the company have? Are they planning to raise money by crowdfunding? All these questions are key in getting to know the future product.”

Many of the products VORM designs uses the Bluetooth Low Energy module. The usage of BLE has grown immensely in the last few years. VORM gears up to bring this emerging technology to power client’s resources in a big way. Nowadays, technology evolves at a staggering speed and with VORM’s ability to adapt to various situations; its customers are perfectly positioned to grow with the rapidly-changing industry. The team is recognized by the Polish Institute of Industrial Design as emerging Polish Young Designers VORM and has numerous more awards to its name. Bart adds

“Our team consists of people who are eager to learn about new solutions and expand their competencies. This allows our team of designers and developers work together to create seamlessly working products.”

Testing is a core competency of the company. VORM’s strength in testing services is derived from its un-matched in-house research team. Szymon Fortuna – COO & Vice President, VORM says, “it’s one thing to have the idea in your head it’s another to produce a working prototype. Everything we do is based on our unmatched in-house research about people’s needs, feelings, and desires.”

Szymon explains further, “Firstly, we begin testing by doing a market research. Knowing what type of product is already on the market and finding out what type of solutions people use. By gathering as much information as possible we can create a prototype. Afterwards we start testing it. Evaluating the prototype begins with everyone in the office. If we are glad about the way the product looks, feel and works, only then we give it a field test. This shows why testing can take so long.”

The company is determined in its pursuit to work with inspiring clients, designing innovative products, and developing groundbreaking applications and constantly strengthening the team. Bart concludes, “There are companies from a variety of different fields reaching out to us. This keeps us in the creative vibe. We are, ‘hungry to explore new possibilities.’ If we keep that up you’ll be hearing a lot more about VORM.”

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