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Brad Walters, Founder, Monnit

Expanding New Frontiers for IoT Developments

Our team’s background and expertise in their respective areas has earned our company’s reputation and the trust of our quickly growing customer base – Brad Walters, Founder, Monnit

Monnit was founded in January 2010 by serial entrepreneur and investor, Brad Walters. Brad was a founder of Maxstream Inc., a successful wireless tech company that was first to bring a ZigBee module to market, and which was later sold to Digi International Inc. in 2006. He was also a founder of Lineo Inc. which was the first embedded Linux organization. Brad and his past companies have been recognized for excellence in products and business practices, by winning various awards such as the Inc. 500, Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year and many others. During his time at Maxstream, several customers had mentioned that it would be nice to see a wireless solution that included sensors rather than just wireless M2M communication. When Maxstream sold to Digi International, Brad kept thinking about those comments and saw real potential in wireless sensing technologies, so he started Monnit, which has become a world leader in wireless sensing and remote monitoring solutions.

Developing Industry Leading Solutions

Monnit serves customers in a wide variety of industries. Basically, Monnit customers want visibility into how their business, building, equipment etc. is performing, and get alerts if something is wrong, allowing them to save time and money by automating systems and preventing issues. Some of the larger industries that Monnit serves consist of food service, heating and cooling, property management, pharmaceutical and laboratory, data centers and agriculture. Within food service for example, some of the typical challenges that clients face is ensuring that their food is stored at proper temperatures and that they are alerted immediately if temperatures in coolers fall outside of a “Safe” zone or if a cooler door is left open. They are also required by law and regulations, to track and report food storage temperatures. Another example would be in heating and cooling, where clients need to track system efficiency and detect problems with their HVAC units before they occur. By monitoring several temperature points within an HVAC system as well as power draw and consumption, they can effectively predict issues and address them before the system fails and the cost of repair increases.

Monnit’s proficiency in wireless design, embedded systems, customization, manufacturing, marketing and supports sets the company apart as the Internet of Things partner of choice. Monnit’s technology are proven and reliable that help clients to reduce complexities in their implementations. Monnit’s products are wireless with exceptional range (standard sensors communicate up to 300 feet non line-of-sight with a new long range sensor platform being released soon). The sensors are battery powered (optimized for long life) and the company makes available over 54 unique types of sensors available in commercial and industrial platforms. These products guarantee speed and efficiency because they provide access to a variety of connectivity options; Cellular, Ethernet, WI-Fi, USB, Serial and more.

Monnit has earned the reputation of being the most reliable, low-cost solution provider for Internet of Things wireless sensors and remote monitoring solutions. “We have designed all of our hardware, firmware and software in-house and manufacture our own products in Salt Lake City, UT. Our team’s background and expertise in their respective areas has earned our company’s reputation and the trust of our quickly growing customer base,” says Brad. Monnit has captured a variety of awards owing to its service efficiency. Some of it include NorthFront Entrepreneur Legacy Award, Top 50 IoT Solutions Provider for Channel Partners – 2015, Best of Sensors Expo Innovation Award – 2015, Connected World – IoT Innovations Award – 2015 and NorthFront Entrepreneur Alliance – “Greatest Potential” Entrepreneur Excellence Award – 2012.

Going forward, Monnit aims to come up with further advancements in industrial sensor technologies, specifically within the Oil & Gas and Agricultural industries. Also expanding to international operations (expanding our team outside of the US) and binging technology advancements around satellite and cellular connectivity, wireless range and new battery technologies is a big part of the company’s strategy.

Aside from offering IoT solutions to our customers, Monnit has also developed a partner program. Through our partner program we have been able to effectively expand our offering worldwide through channel partners, value added resellers, systems integrators, software vendors, and OEMs. Monnit even offers the ability to private label both the hardware and software, allowing partners to offer the solution as their own, into their respective industries. “Along with the partner program, comes custom engineering from our team, where we can develop or modify both the hardware and software to meet the exact needs of our partners, concludes Brad.

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