Olea Sensor Networks: Taking Smart IoT Systems to Industries Worldwide


Frank Morese, CEO, CTO and Founder, Olea Sensor

The IoT industry is rapidly developing in every corner of the IT world. With new improvements and technologies expected to be a major part of its future growth, it is certain to bring in more competitors in the market. However, the demand of the modern customers remains the same as they aspire to use products and services in a timely manner and at lower costs. This has made IoT more popular than it ever was and a perfect tool to leverage the power of internet. This is where IoT companies become extremely crucial because they understand the business models and workforces that go behind the IoT revolution. Olea Sensor Networks (dba for Olea Systems Incorporated) is a IoT powerhouse that was started as a unique consortium of highly skilled and experienced engineers.

Originally established in 2005 under the name Sedona Strategies, LLC, and incorporated in 2011 under its present name, Olea’s mission has always been to seek out and employ an outstanding technical team with the infrastructure and ability to create new IoT development platforms in a fraction of the time presently seen in the industry while providing innovative solutions for health and safety. Frank Morese, CEO, CTO and Founder, Olea Sensor says, “Olea is able to provide both due to its ability to quickly produce results. We work closely in partnership with clients and understand that time is money on all levels. As a result, we have developed complete turnkey solutions in as little as three months giving our customers significant competitive advantage.” The main strength Olea posses is the skill to be “lean and mean” which allows the team to move through projects quickly, with minimal red-tape and processing times, which, in turn, allows them to offer the very best possible pricing.

Olea incorporates some of the leading technologies tailored to make product development and advanced research easy and effective:

The Olea HeartSignature has the ability to continuously identify an individual in real time using contact-less, wireless detection of vital signs which create a unique digital "signature" for limitless security applications. HeartSignature is a revolutionary authentication technology with precision comparable to or exceeding existing biometric authentication systems.

OleaVision has the unique ability to differentiate between live animate beings and inanimate objects up to a 5¬ meter distance for both moving and stationary applications, with the added ability to detect life presence through SOME walls.

OS-3005 and OS-3008 Development Platforms are an Intelligent Multi-Sensor Development Platforms that provide a springboard for advancing the users product development. They feature advanced data acquisition systems with multi-sensor development platform capabilities and a sophisticated suite of software and hardware building blocks including the Olea HeartSensor 5.8Ghz Micro-Doppler Radar Sensor, various on-board Intelligent Sensors, the licensed, OleaSense Software(which includes customized firmware/software for data acquisition & on–board display and customized virtual instrumentation GUI software for data display.

OleaVision Development Platform is an UWB Development Platform developed in a joint partnership Flat Earth, Inc. of Bozeman, Montana. This features an advanced data acquisition system with multi-sensor development platform capabilities. This sophisticated suite of software and hardware building blocks includes the OleaVision advanced UWB radar module (7.25 to 8.25 GHz) Wordwide Band suitable for ranging, tracking, sensing and positioning applications. Radar applications can be written for the OleaVision using the software suite that comes with each kit.

Olea is uniquely qualified to provide every aspect of vertically-integrated technology solutions with expertise in firmware sensor technology, both Digital and RF hardware design, as well as expertise in software and advanced algorithms for sensor analytics.

CONNECTED CAR – Olea has created complete Automotive IoT Sensor-based solutions which provide the ability for future on-board sensor systems to detect critical vital sign data of occupants. This is especially valuable in the case of accidents or emergencies requiring first-responders to have the ability to remotely determine the both the extent of the injuries (such as internal bleeding) in order to be best prepared at the scene. This vital sign data, as the Olea HeartSignature is also being integrated into future on-board system as a means of biometric identification for both security and infotainment purposes.

INDUSTRIAL SAFETY – With warehouse and job-site injuries and deaths in the thousands, annually, customers are seeking ways to mitigate these dangers on site. The OleaVision solution for life presence detection is being integrated into future heavy equipment and has the ability to detect both people and animals in areas of limited visibility (both indoor and out) and even in inclement weather.

TELEMEDECINE –The OS-3008 solution has gotten the attention of customers interested in remote health monitoring of people without immediate access to medical care as in the case of remote areas of underdeveloped countries. The technology’s ability to read vital sign data with comparable accuracy to conventional methods used today and to do so with no contact or wire makes it especially of interest in areas or in the home where trained technicians are not available.

Frank Morese concludes, “Olea Sensor Networks vision for the future incorporates its original mission to focus on Health and Safety for the betterment of the same industries it serves today.”

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