Mesh Systems: The Leaders of Smart IoT Systems


Richard V. Baxter, Jr. Co-Founder, President and CEO of Mesh Systems

IoT is currently an $11 trillion market and as companies strive to make more profits with IoT technologies, the price and demand of smart IoT systems has surged beyond ordinary numbers. An invigorated desire by companies to be unconventional in securing revenue streams and lower costs as led them to Smart connected products. Being one of the first IoT innovators, there was no better time for Mesh Systems to bring in its range of Smart IoT products that are scalable and seamlessly serve the purpose of an efficient connected device. Mesh Systems was founded by Richard Baxter, Doug Brune and Uriel Kluk in 2005. With a vision to revitalize the businesses of OEMs by making their products and services cutting-edge with IoT, the founders steeped into the growing market.

Mesh Systems’ approach to its client’s major issues is simple but takes into account all the specific actions an IoT Smart product essentially requires. For instance in the following cases the company tackles the challenges clients face by proper monitoring and foresight.

Data ingestion and analysis (data in motion) – Always on, always connected products generate vast quantities of data on a semi-real-time and real-time basis. Once ingested, data needs to be analyzed frequently, on a semi-real-time and real-time basis so that it can deliver value. Mesh Systems resolves this issue by creating hot / warm / cold data pipes and lambda architectures.

Big data scale – There is so much data generated every moment of every day that it creates physical constraints for companies. Mesh Systems addresses the problem of big data scale by creating hybrid relational and non-SQL data marts or data lakes.

Intelligence – Vast quantities of data is just noise unless companies can find meaning from the data through data modeling. With its vertical expertise and extensive field know-how, Mesh Systems creates correct data models for systems in addition to correct tools which allow them to derive intelligence. Going the Extra Mile to Create Success

Mesh Systems has a strong reputation across the IoT industry for its ability to rapidly design and deliver scalable Smart systems. Many innovative companies rely on Mesh Systems as an IoT partner because of the company’s powerful products. The story of how BUNN, an industry leader in providing both high-quality equipment and support achieved higher levels of quality and service while partnering Mesh Systems reinforces the impeccable record of the company . With a goal to decrease its number of onsite visits and increase its number of first-time fixes, the company needed to improve remote insight into equipment performance. BUNN decided to move to a cloud-based system to gain information in real time, so it turned to Mesh Systems for a solution. “Often times, what an employee describes isn’t what’s actually happening,” says Karalynn McDermott Senior Vice President of Market Development at BUNN. “We wanted to be able to see exactly what they were seeing.”

Mesh Systems played an integral role in the development and implementation of the project, including connecting remote sites to Azure via a cellular network and deploying the web application used by BUNN employees to remotely manage all espresso machines in the field. To meet its goals, BUNN and Mesh Systems enhanced the BUNNlink Wellness Program using IoT services provided by Microsoft Azure, which includes preconfigured solutions that enable organizations to capture and analyze data from any source. “It’s about data, and being able to ingest and manage data at scale when you have thousands of machines sending hundreds of data points at regular intervals,” says Doug Brune, Chief Operating Officer at Mesh Systems.

Driving the IoT Ecosystem

Mesh Systems’s clients gain an upper hand into three core areas: operations, systems and commercial decisions.

Operations Insight –Mesh Systems uses this information to know how well the machines/devices/things are doing their jobs. What is the performance level of each device within the entire IoT ecosystem? The analysis process and methodology covers a wide range of possibilities such as basic dashboard reporting, filtering and drill-downs based-on dimension, as well as machine learning and custom analytics.

System Insight – This information provides insight into how well the entire IoT system is performing. Benchmarked information provides understanding on the system’s health. Mesh Systems uses real-time and historical analysis and profiling tools for LAN and WAN communications, battery life and device health across all IoT applications.

Commercial Decision Insight – Businesses look to device and system data to help drive business decisions about potential product features and markets. Aggregated over time and constantly replenished, Mesh Systems can create systems that help companies identify trends so that they can anticipate and plan for the future.

Mesh Systems’ client use case examples include using real-time and historical data to understand the profitability of a marketing campaign in a specific market and predicting future campaign success based on a combination of location, time and products. Through this and more design and features, the company aims to help its clients capitalize on new opportunities for efficiency, information and revenue streams.

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